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CPSP Past Papers MCQs [Authentic]


#keys after 10 questions.

1) The auricle develops from
A) 1st branchial cleft
B) 1st branchial arch
C) 1st and 2nd branchial arch
D) 1st, 2nd and 3rd branchial arch

2) Fibro-cartilage has the predominance of collagen type
A) Ι

3) Facial nerve has all the neural column as major functional components except
A) Special visceral afferent
B) General visceral efferent
C) General visceral afferent
D) Special visceral efferent

4) Fundus of gall bladder lies in the angle between lateral border of rectus abdominis and tip of ninth costal cartilage. The vertebral level is lower border of
a) T-11
b) T-12
c) L-1
d) L-2

5) Which of the following is true
A) Left lung is heavier than right lung
B) Thoracic duct is related to mediastinal surface of right lung
C) Recurrent laryngeal nerve is related to mediastinal surface of right lung
D) Azygos vein is related to mediastinal surface of right lung

6) False regarding autonomic nervous system
A) Lateral horns of spinal cord mainly harbour cell bodies of the sympathetic nerves\
B) Preganglionic para sympathetic fibers are usually longer than preganglionic sympathetic fibers
C) Occulomotor nerve carries the post-ganglionic parasympathetic fibers
D) Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter at sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglia

7) Referred pain from the cervix is felt in the region of
A) Hypogastrium
B) Anterior genitalia
C) Medial thigh
D) Posterior thigh

8) Composite muscles include the following except
A) Pectineus
B) Adductor magnus
C) Flexor carpi ulnaris
D) Flexor pollicis brevis

9) All is true about Triangle of Doom except
A) Vas deferens lies medially
B)  Testicular vessels lie laterally
C) Surgical staples are avoided here
D) Apex is directed towards superficial ring

10) All is true about zona pellucida except
A) Acellular glycoprotein membrane
B) Contributed by granulosa cells
C) Present till morula stage
D) Sperm attractant membrane turns sperm-repellent after zona reaction

1.C 2.A 3.C 4,C 5.D 6.C 7.D 8.C 9.D 10.C

11) Incorrect statement about allantois is
A) An endodermal diverticulum
B) Its mesoderm expands to form the blood vessels to serve the placenta
C) Urachus is the remnant lying in the medial umbilical ligament
D) Patent allantois leads to Urachal fistula

12) Choose the incorrect statement regarding structures constituting the anatomical angina pectoris:
A) The pain fibres from heart run in the middle and inferior cervical cardiac branches of sympathetic trunk
B) The superficial cardiac plexus receives left superior cervical cardiac branch from vagus nerve
C) Sympathetic fibres come from cervical and upper thoracic ganglia of sympathetic trunk to carry pain fibres
D) Thoracic splanchnic nerve carry the pain fibres from diaphragmatic surface of heart

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13) All are neural crest cell derivatives except
A) Vomer bone
B)  Choroid & sclera of eye
C) Tunica media of great vessels
D) Olfactory epithelium

14) A middle aged woman complains of weakness in extension and laterally rotation of her thigh. The muscle paralysed is
A) Semimembranosus
B) Sartorius
C) Obturator internus
D) Gluteus maximus

15) Wrong statement regarding oogenesis is
A) Meiosis converts primary to secondary oocyte
B) Primary oocyte is arrested in metaphase- 1 till puberty
C) Polar body one is released 24 hours prior to ovulation
D) Ovulated cell is secondary oocyte arrested in metaphase- 2

16) A patient who has suffered severe chest trauma in an automobile accident is found to have fluid in the right pleural space. A thoracentesis reveals the presence of chylous fluid in the pleural space, suggesting a rupture of the thoracic duct. In which regions of the thorax is the thoracic duct found.
A) Anterior and middle mediastinum
B) Anterior and superior mediastinum
C) Middle and superior mediastinum
D) Posterior and superior mediastinum

17) 2nd constriction in oesophagus is seen at the following site?
A)Where crossed by left main bronchus
B) Crossing of aorta
C)At pharyngoesophageal junction
D) Where it pierces the diaphragm

18) All is true about development & maturation of sperms except
A) Primordial germ cells are dormant till puberty
B) Spermatogonium becomes mature sperm in 74 days
C) Progressive motility is gained in the epididymis
D) Stored in the seminal vesicle before ejaculation

19) Correct statement concerning sexual development is
A) Gonadal ridge appear at week 5
B) Absence of SRY gene leads to male phenotype
C) Testes develop later than ovaries
D) External genitalia are well developed by week 10

20) Gitter cell is
A) Microglia
B) Modified macrophage
C) Astrocyte
D) Neutrophil

11.C 12.B 13,D 14,D 15,B 16.D 17. B 18,D 19,A 20,A

21) Correct pair for type of synovial joints
A) Incudo-stapedial : Saddle
B) Spheno-vomerine : Schindylesis
C) Atlanto-occipital : Trochoid
D) Metacarpo-phalangeal : Condylar

22) Atypical synovial joint is
A) Knee
B) Temporo-mandibular
C) 1st carpo-metacarpal
D) Calcaneo-cuboid

23) All are the actions of Tensor fascia lata except
A) Hip flexion
B) Hip adduction
C) Knee flexion
D) Knee extension

24) Untrue about knee menisci is
A) Menisci are fibrocartilage
B) Are vascular structures
C) Coronary ligament connects menisci to the tibia
D) Reconstructive surgery is recommended in the central part of meniscus

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25) Movements of pronation & supination occurs in all the following joints except
A) Superior radio – ulnar
B) Middle radio – ulnar
C) Inferior radio – ulnar
D) Radio – carpal

26) Incorrect statement about posterior cruciate ligament is
A) Attached to the medial femoral condyle
B) Not lined by synovial membrane
C) Prevents posterior dislocation of tibia
D) Damaged in Dash board injuries

27) Incorrect statement about Morgagni’s hernia
A) Less common than the Bochdalek variety
B) Common on right side
C) Stomach is the most common content
D) Contents herniate through Larry’s space

28) A 52-year-old man comes to the emergency department complaining of severe abdominal pain. He is diagnosed with cancer involving the abdominal oesophagus and fundus of the stomach. Which of the following neural structures is most likely associated with the “pain” fibers involved with this symptom
A) Greater splanchnic nerves
B) Lumbar splanchnic nerves
C) Postganglionic fibers from the celiac ganglion
D) Nerves from spinal cord levels T1 to T4

29) Injury to the male urethra at the level of perineal membrane, causes urine to accumulate in all of the following except
A) Superficial perineal pouch
B) Deep perineal pouch
C) Space of Retzius
D) Pouch of Douglas

30) All are true about the trigone of the urinary bladder except
A) Mucosa is tightly adherent to the underlying musculature
B) Mucosa is smooth
C) It is lined by transitional epithelium
D) It is derived from the urogenital sinus

21.B 22.B 23.B 24,D 25.B26.B 27.C 28.A 29.D 30.D

31) Supports of the uterus are all except
A) Sacro-cervical ligament
B) Round Ligament
C) Transverse cervical ligament
D) Levator ani

32) Duct of Balini is present in?
A) Kidney
B) Pancreas
C) Intestine
D) Salivary gland

33) Blood supply of breast is from all except
A) Internal mammary
B) Intercostal
C) Thoracodorsal branch of subscapular
D) Superior Thoracic

34) Cells of the adrenal medulla are derived from the same embryonic cells as those that form
A) Kidney collecting tubules
B) Preganglionic sympathetic neurons
C) Mandible
D) Thymus

35) Segmental resection was performed removing part of liver lying left of the falciform ligament. The segments still retained in the left surgical liver are
A) 2, 3
B) 1, 4
C) 2, 4
D) 1, 4, 5

36) Wrong about neuroepithelium
A) Simple cuboidal epithelium
B) Present in cochlea & vestibule
C) Present in nasal mucosa
D) Are sensory cells for the reception of taste

37) Which of the following is least vascular structure in the Temporo-mandibular joint
A) Articular cartilage
B) Posterior part of Articular disc
C) Middle part of articular disc
D) Mandibular fossa

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38) In pemphigus vulgaris structure of desmosomes is damaged. The wrong statement is
A) Autoantibodies disrupt macula adherens
B) Cadherin disruption lead to severe blistering of skin
C) Zona occludens & gap junctions are normal
D) Epithelium separates from the basal lamina

39) Axillary skin glands producing viscous secretion are
A) Eccrine sweat glands
B) Apocrine sweat glands
C) Mucous gland
D) Holocrine sebaceous glands

40) Gall bladder is lined by
A) Brush bordered columnar epithelium
B) Striated columnar epithelium
C) Pseudostratified columnar cells
D) Ciliated columnar cells

31.B 32.A 33.C 34.C 35.B 36.A 37.C 38.D 39.B 40.A

41) Osteoclast cells are derived from which cell type
A) Monocyte
B) Osteoprogenitor
C) Osteoblast
D) Osteocyte

42) All of the following are examples of traction epiphysis except
A) Mastoid process
B) Greater trochanter of femur
C) Lesser trochanter of femur
D) Deltoid tuberosity

43) A young player receives lateral blow to his knee and undergoes a twisting fall while playing Football. Which of the following conditions has occurred
A) Ruptured medial collateral ligament
B) Posterior cruciate ligament tear
C) Evulsion of the intracapsular origin of popliteus
D) Lateral meniscal tear

44) Epiphysio-diaphyseal joint is
A) Primary cartilaginous
B) Synostosis
C) Syndesmosis
D) Schindylesis

45) Flexor pollicis longus has the same innervation as of the following muscle
A) Flexor digitorum superficialis
B) Palmaris longus
C) Pronator teres
D) Flexor digitorum profundus of middle finger

46) All of the following statements are true concerning vertebral body and spina bifida defects except
A) Missing component of ventral sclerotome can lead to scoliosis
B) Failure of fusion of dorsal sclerotome components lead to spina bifida
C) Spina bifida is frequently associated with Arnold–Chiari malformation
D) Spina bifida with myeloschisis is the least severe variation

47) Gustatory cortex is situated in
A) Superior Temporal Gyrus
B) Inferior Frontal Gyrus
C) Superior Frontal Gyrus
D) Inferior Parietal Gyrus

48) Which of the following reach Ventro postero-medial thalamic nuclei
A) Solitario-thalamic
B) Dentatothalamic
C) Spinothalamic
D) Medial lemniscus

49) Optic radiation arises from
A) Lateral geniculate body
B) Superior colliculus
C) Inferior colliculus
D) Medial geniculate body

50) Which of the following is not true about thymus
A) Lies in the anterior and superior mediastinum
B) Has maximum size by 5 years of age and then it regresses
C) It is a primary lymphoid organ
D) It also produces hormones

41. 42.D 43.A 44.A 45.D 46.D 47.D48.A49.A 50.B

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