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Gynae Oneliner by Swammy – Mock for PLAB

Gynae Oneliner by Swammy – Mock for PLAB


1. Management of osteoporosis= DEXA(diagnostic investigation ), BISPHOSPHONATES, CALCIUM
2. OSTEOPOROSIS >>> treatment- Alendronate> Etidronate, Risedronate >> Strontium
3. Post menopausal symptoms=HRT
4. OSTEOPOROSIS secondary to steroid intake in IBD(CROHNS)-first add calcium and vitamin D
supplements, Then check bone density after 1 year, if >> -1.5 ,start bisphosphonates
5. Patient doesn >>> tolerate BISPHOSPHONATES- give RALOXIFENE

Menstrual Problems:

6. Primary amenorrhoea+ cyclical lower abdominal pain= imperforate hymen=anatomical cause
7. Hyperthyroidism=ologmoenorrhoea+tremors+ palpitation= do TFts
8. Lactational amenorrhoea=amenorrhoea following breast feeding
9. Reassure for perimenopausal symptoms
10. Primary dysmenorrhoea (without any cause) =mefenemic acid
11. Menorrhagia with contraception = >>> COCP
12. Acute treatment for heavy menstrual bleed=tranexemic acid

Pelvic Mass:

13. Old woman+abdominal bloating+ frequency micturition+ difficulty defaecation+ usg-cystic and
solid areas raising from left ovary+ free fluid in pouch of douglas=OVARIAN CARCINOMA
14. Right ovary with complex solid cystic mass=DERMOID CYST
15. Young lady+dysmenorrhoea+dypaeurnia+infertility+tenderness on abdominal pelvic exam,
usg=right sided cystic lesion with numerous echogenic areas=ENDOMETRIOSIS
16. Acute PID= abdominal pain+dysuria+vaginal discharge +tender in lower abdomen+vague mass in
left Iliac fossa+inflamed cervix+purulent discharge +unprotected intercourse
17. TUBOOVARIAN ABSCESS=high temperature +lower abdominal pain + past history of PID + usg-
cystic ads with mixed echo patterns
18. TORSION OF OVARIAN CYST=acute sharp shooting pain in right lower abdomen+ vomiting+
periods 3 weeks ago+usg=cystic mass in right adnexal region +absent flow on Doppler


19. Obese and Histuse >>> PCOS
20. Miscarriage in second trimester is unlikely to be caused by congenital abnormality
21. Recurrent miscarriages early in the first trimester=APLA
22. CERVICAL INCOMPETENCE= recurrent pregnancy loss in second trimester+h/o PROM+ early
dilatation of cervix
23. Give prophylactic antibiotics in PROM to prevent choriamnionItis DOC=METRONIDAZOLE
24. APLA=aspirin at the time of conception and heparin at 5weeks when FHS IS HEARD
25. Large fibroid causing recurrent miscarriages=MYOMECTOMY
26. after first miscarriage=REASSURE

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