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ENT Oneliners by Swammy – Mock for PLAB

ENT Oneliners by Swammy – Mock for PLAB

    1. Diabetic + ext ear furunculosis= Rx : Oral flucloxacillin
    2. Syringing of the ear done >>> sudden onset of pain+ ruptured TM = immediate referaal to the specialist
    3. h/ o vericella now complains of earache vesciles near pinna nd external ear = SHINGLES= oral Acyclovir
    4. Progressive CD + pearly white mass + scarred ear drum = cholestetoma >> routine referral to the specialist for surgery
    5. LVF 6 months back now complains of epistaxix = drug induced ( Aspirin)
    6. Child in ICU with cellulititis >> Complains of epistaxis + Spleenomegaly. Cause of epistaxis = SEPSIS
    7. Smoker + unilateral diplopia+ recurrent epistaxis+ wt loss>> Maxillary opacification seen on X-ray+ MAXILLARY ADENOCARCINOMA
    8. Head trauma >> leakage of watery fluid from nose = ETHMOID BONE FX
    9. Rx: Epistaxis= Pinch soft part of the nose
    10. DVT+ neurological manifestation( facial numbness) = ACOUSTIC NEUROMA
    11. Child with continuous stridor + mild fever + drooling of saliva + very ill>>> EPIGLOTITIS>> H. influenza>> Call anesthetist
    12. Child with FB in ear ( plastic bead) + agitated >>> beast Rx refer to ENT for removal under GA
    13. Post thyroidectomy >>> hoarseness after 6 hours of surgery + RECURRENT LARYNGEAL NERVE INJURED
    14. Hoarseness of voice for 6 months of a school teacher >>>> SINGERS NODULE
    15. 80 yr old smoker >> hoarseness (progressive ) + fever+ malaise + weight loss = Ca LARYNX
    16. Unilateral conductive deafness>> eardrum obscured by brown mass>> WAX
    17. Difficulty hearing in both ears + loss of lower frequency + family history present >>> paracusis Willisii >>> Otosclerosis ( Autosomal Dominat + bilatereral conductive deafness, pregnancy Rx: Stedectomy) As Graph
    18. Meiner’s disease = TVS >>> low frequency hearing loss
    19. 80 year old>>>difficulty in hearing>>>audiogram-marked high frequency hearing loss>>>can hear better in quiet surroundings =PRESBYCUSIS
    20. 3 nose bleeds in the last two days + petechial hge + bruising over limbs and trunks = Platelet count
    21. Nose bleed + GI bleed + talengectasia + Family history = HERIDITARY TALENGECTITIA >>> Inv Upper GI endoscopy
    22. Repeated epitaxis+ menorrhagia+ family history+ clotting screen is n ormal . BT prolonged >>> Von Willibrand factoe assay
    23. Warfarin gfro AF >>> epistaxis >>> check INR ( 2-3)
    24. 65 yearold +epistaxis+ perifollicular hemorrhages + bruises over the limbs>>> Scurvy >>> Vit C assay
    25. Intermittent tinnitus, vertigo, giddiness = meneire’s disease
    26. Bilateral conductive hearing loss>>>father similar history=OTOSCLEROSIS-A.D.
    27. Sudden onset conductive hearing loss>>>brown mass=wax impaction
    28. 52year old woman>>>3month history of increasing neck swelling>>> hoarseness>>> inspiratory and expiratory wheeze =CARCINOMA THYROID
    29. H/o smoking 20 ciggs/day>>>2 month history of drooping eyelid+chronic cough+supraclavicular mass=PANCOAST TUMOUR
    30. Tinnitus + muffled hearing+increased pressure in ear+ vertigo=MENIERE’S DISEASE
    31. ventilated person >>>now extubated>>>develops hoaseness of voice>>>laryngoscopy normal=FUNCTIONAL DYSPHONIA
    32. Drug abuser>>>weight loss 13kgs>>>cough+night sweats>>>hoarseness of voice>>>swelling in the neck+several non tender swellings in both side of the neck=TUBERCULOSIS
    33. Teacher>>>hoarseness>>>circumscribed nodules on both vocal cords=VOCAL CORD NODULES
    34. Painful sore swollen throat+ earache+difficulty in swallowing fluids+temp 39.7>>>treatment=inpatient parenteral antibiotics
    35. Long-standing ear discharge >>>presents with fever, earache , anorexia, nausea, rigors>>>tenderness over mastoid>>>mastoiditis=ADMISSION FOR PARENTERAL ANTIBIOTICS
    36. earache+pain in left maxilla>>>post root filling dental procedure >>>temp 37.8=maxillary sinusitis=ORAL AMOX+METRO
    37. deafness in right ear after a swim>>>ear normal on examination>>>wax present>>>treatment=SYRINGING
    38. acute pain and little bleed from the era after he sustained a blow to the ear>>>minimal blood in EAC+small perforation in tympanic membrane>>>next step>>>KEEP EAR DRY AND OBSERVE (OR PROPHYLACTIC ORAL AMOX)
    39. furniture maker>>>anaesthesia of left cheek>>>repeated epistaxis=MAXILLARY ANTRAL CA
    40. repeated epistaxis+ whistling on inspiration =SEPTAL PERFORATION>>>CAUSES:COCAINE , CHROME
    41. sheep farmer>>>epistaxis+bleeding polyp from anterior nasal septum=ORF
    42. old patient>>>epistaxis ×2hours>>>cause=HYPERTENSION
    43. vertigo worsening on movement =BPPV>>>test=TILT TEST/HALPIKE MANOEUVRE
    44. Painkiller for shoulder pain>>>tinnitus =SALICYLIC ACID LEVELS
    45. blow behind ear>>>difficulty hearing+tinnitus =FRACTURE OF PETROUS TEMPORAL BONE
    46. loss of corneal reflex+diminished hearing>>>ct-widened ear canal=ACCOUSTIC NEUROMA
    47. unilateral sensory neural hearing loss =ACCOUSTIC NEUROMA
    48. bilateral sensory hearing loss>>>resolves spontaneously =NOISE INDUCED HEARING LOSS
    49. Family history of hearing loss>>>bilateral conductive deafness=OTOSCLEROSIS
    50. bilateral sensory hearing loss=PRESBYCUSIS
    51. sudden pain following ear syringing >> drum obscured with water and residual wax >>> Mx : same day referral to the specialist
    52. travel history+ severe pain in both ears + swelling + redness around EAC + pain on pinna movement + TM normal >>> OTITIS EXTERNA>> Rx: topical GENTAMYSIN + oral CIPROFLOXACIN
    53. sudden onset of pain + deafness in the ear + vescicular rash on the right side of the surface of the ear drum + Vescicles in the auditory canal >> Ram Say Hunt Syndrome >> Rx: Oral Acyclovir
    54. Repeated h/o of pain and d/c from childhood + white mass visible thru drum>>> ??? same day referral to the specialist
    55. Warfarin for prosthetic valve >> presents with severe nose bleed >> INR =10 + haemodynamically compromised >>> PROTHOMBIN COMPLEX CONCENTRATE.
      • Vit K >> Warfarin toxicity in stable pt
    56. Intermittent epitaxis + crusting over ant nasal mucosa= CHROM=NIC INF VESTIBULITIS>> Rx: Apply neomysin cream
    57. no history of bleeds>>> now presents with epistaxis + small haematoma in the nasal septum=REASSURANCE (if large=incision and drainage)
    58. Before leaving house >>>feels out of breath +room goes round=ANXIETY
    59. Atrial fibrillation +attack of vertigo+confusion which lasted for 2-3=TIA
    60. Recurrent episode of TVS + deafness increases as vertigo settles=MENIERE’S
    61. Vertigo without deafness>>>following URTI=labyrinthitis
    62. traumatic head injury>>>nose bleed+ clear fluid>>>diagnosis-CSF RHINORRHOEA >>>ethmoid bone fracture
    63. epistaxis 9 days after polypectomy>>>tender over nostril+febrile=SEPSIS
    64. facial pain+recurrent nose bleeds for four weeks>>>xray-opacification of right maxillary antrum=ADENOCARCINOMA OF MAXILLARY SINUS
    65. recurrent nose bleeds ×1year +splenomegaly=
    66. Short history of earache+rhinorrhoea+pink left ear drum+ temp 38=viral infection>>>PARACETAMOL AND REVIEW
    67. previous history of URTI +mild righ era ache+wax impaction>>>management =ERA SYRINGING
    68. Persistent ear infection following 7 day antibiotics treatment +left ear drum dull amd scarred +purulent discharge=suppurative otitis media=CO AMOXICLAV
    69. 5 day history of temp and ear ache>>>right ear drum red>>> Otitis media= amoxicillin
    70. Child+ foreign body in ear>>>does not allow for examination =REMOVE UNDER GA
    71. Gentamycin=ototoxicity
    72. Poor personal hygiene>>>hearing loss after shower=WAX OBSTRUCTION
    73. Cornmeal anaesthesia +SNHL+ xray- widening of internal acoustic meatus=ACOUSTIC NEUROMA
    74. .Bruising to mastoid process+ hearing loss= petrous temporal fracture
    75. return from spain with ear ache+pus in ear canal>>> otitis externa=gentamycin e/d
    76. Red painful right ear following rugby match>>>erythematous pinna=PARACETAMOL
    77. Pain in right ear following URTI>>>rhinorrhoea+pink tympanic membranes=viral=PARACETAMOL
    78. Temperature, lethargy, red bulging inflamed tympanic membrane =otitis media=AMOXICILLIN
    79. Bbb
    80. 48 hour earache+high temp >>>purulent discharge which relieves pain>>>otitis media=AMOXICILLIN
    81. ct scan=loss of aeration of middle ear cleft+ mastoid air cells+middle ear flood>>>bilateral hearing loss=OTITIS MEDIA WITH EFFUSION
    82. ct scan of petrous bone=normal mastoid and middle ear+ cochlea appear hyper radio-dense + cochlear duct narrowed on both sides + discrete areas of rarefaction in cochlear bone=PAGETS DISEASE OF PETROUS BONE
    83. Ct scan =soft tissue mass within the attic +extensive destruction of malleus and incus + mastitis air cells opacified + horizontal facial canal erosion +LCC eroded =CHOLESTEATOMA
    84. HEREDITARY TELENGECTASIA=heavy nose bleeds + GI bleeds+ telengectasia (prominent small veins on lips + family history (3/4)
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