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Important Medical Study MaterialPLAB Study Material

Clinchers 100 Important Points for PLAB

Today we will share here the 100 Important Points which will be helpful for all Medical Students.

1. Brain-bridge reflex aka atrial reflex——-inc Heart Rate due to Raised CVP
2. Occulocardiac reflex—-dec Heart rate due to compression of eyeball
3. MMR….Maternal mortality RATIO
No. of maternal deaths/ 100,000 live births
4. IMR…. Infant mortality RATE
No. of deaths of children < 1 yr age/ 1000 live births
5. UV rays injury depends upon duration
6. Aromatic amines cause— transitional cell CA
7. Arsenic and vinyl chloride both cause angiosarcoma…..if farmer mention in the questions select Arsenic
because its present in pesticides
8. Vocal nodule most likely represents—hyperplasia
9. Vocal nodule least likely represents—atrophy
10. Steps in recruitment of leukocyte n involved molecules
a. margination
b. pavementing
c. rolling— selectins
d. adhesion—integrins
e. transmigration—-platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule on both leukocytes and endothelium
11. Malignancies associated with EBV infection
A. Burkitt lymphoma
B. Hodgkin lymphoma
C. Nasopharyngeal CA
D. Primary CNS lymphoma
12. Myelination of peripheral nerves begin at beginning of 4th month
13. Myelination of CNS begins at middle of 4th month
14. Morphine poisoning treatment—- Naloxone
15. Treatment of morphine addiction—- Methadone
16. Last mediator of endotoxic shock is IL-6
17. Following structures present in Dermis
A. Fibroblasts
B. Macrophages
C. Mast cells
D. Reticulocytes
18. How will you differentiate between iron def anemia and anemia of chronic disease
Ans : TIBC
19. Microcytic anemia with high ferritin and low TIBC—-Anemia of chronic disease
20. Microcytic anemia with high serum iron levels—- Sideroblastic Anemia
21. Villous atrophy seen in all of these
A. Celiac disease
B. Whipples disease
C. Tropical sprue
D. Hypogammagloubulinemia
E. AIDS enteropathy
F. Giardiasis
G. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
H. Dermatitis Herpitiformis

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22. Types of Collagen and their functions
Type 1—-strongest, bones, skin, tendon, fascia, cornea, teeth, mature scars
Type 2—-little bit less strength than type 1, cartilage, vitreous humour, nucleuos pulposis
Type 3—- Even weaker, Granulation tissue, embryonic tissue, uterus, blood vessels and keloids
Type 4—-weakest, only in basement membrane
Type 5—-Type V collagen is found in tissues containing type I collagen and appears to regulate the assembly
of heterotypic fibers composed of both type I and type V collagen. Mutations in this gene are associated with
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, types I and II
23.The most common secondary infection in a case of influenza in elderly person is due to Klebsiella
24. Cause of breast atrophy in adults/post-menopausal—–estrogen deficiency
25. Cause of breast atrophy in young females—–estrogen + progesterone deficiency
26. Dystrophic calcification is present in chronic pancreatitis not acute pancreatitis
27. Most common feature of autoimmune disease—–hematological changes
28. In berry aneurysm tunica media is absent
29. SCIDS—-lymphopenia and low Ig levels, severe infections in early life, failure to thrive, die within 01 yr age
if untreated


30. Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome—-Eczema, Thrombocytopena, immunodeficiency leading to recurrent infections
31. Max water + electrolyte absorption—- jejunum
32. Max long chain fatty acid absorption—-jejunum
33. Max short chain fatty acid absorption—- colon
34.bile salts + Vit B12 absorption——terminal ileum
35. Terminal ileum resection causes—- inc water content of faeces
36. after ileostomy—-inc water content of faeces
37.Regarding Internal capsule
Anterior limb—– sensory fibers (thalamic for proprioception)
Anterior 2/3rd of posterior limb —– motor fibers from limbs
Posterior 1/3rd of posterior limb—— sensory fibers from limbs
Genu—– corticobulbar fibers to tongue pharynx and larynx
38.Insensible water losses
From skin—–300-400
From Resp Tract—300-400
39. Confirmatory test for AIDS
Upto 18 months—–PCR
>18 months——Western blot
40.Best index of protein utilization in body—- urinary nitrogen content
41.In osteoporosis there is normal PTH
42. Most important component of defecation—- Anorectal reflex
43. DOC Travellers diarrhea—-Diphenoxylate
44.1% permethrin for—- pediculosis pubis
45. 5% permethrin for—– Sarcoptes scabeii
46. Immediate response to cold— catecholamines
47. most potent response to cold—- shivering
48. CSF
A. Ultrafiltrate of plasma
B. Cushion like effect
49. eversion of ankle joint painful—-Deltoid ligament damaged
50. inversion of ankle joint painful—- lateral ligament damaged

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