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Important Medical Study MaterialPLAB Study Material

All in One File for PLAB [Complete Stuff for PLAB]

In our Previous article we have shared Revision Notes on PLAB by Alkhair, after surfing through internet we came across the file which will cover most of the stuff for PLAB Exam.

We will share here the Files which will cover :

  1. PLAB 1 Topics
  2. PLAB Topics to Cover
  3. Topics Recomended from OHCM and OHCS PLAB 1-3 
  4. GMC Sample Questions
  5. 1700 Questions (Unsolved)
  6. 1700 Questions (with Keys) 
  7. Dr. Khalid Explanations of 1700 Questions
  8. Unity Notes on:
    Anatomy Questions and Answers
    CVS-sush- 1700
    ENDO. Merged 1700 
    NEPHRO Merged 1700
    Sush Corrected Unity Anatomy 1700
    Sush Corrected Unity Haem 1700
    Sush Corrected Unity Psych 1700
    Sush Unity CNS 1700 Latest
    Sush Unity Corrected Emergency 1700
    Sush Unity Corrected Obs-Gyn 1700
    Sush Unity Dermatology 1700
    Sush Unity ENT 1700
    Sush Unity GIT 1700
    Sush Unity Infectious Diseases 1700
    Sush Unity Ophthalmology 1700
    Sush Unity ORTHO. 1700
    Sush Unity Miscellaneous 1700
    Sush Unity Paediatrics 1700
    Sush Unity Respiratory 1700
    Sush Unity Surgery 1700
    Sush Unity Rheomotology 1700
  9. Dermatology Questions and Clinchers
  10. ECG MCQs 1700 Dr. Afsana
  11. 1700 Mock 1
  12. 1700 Mock 2
  13. Clinchers 100 Important Points
  14. Clinchers PDF
  15. Gynae Oneliners Swammy Mock
  16. Important PLAB Points
  17. Oneliners CVS Swammy Mock
  18. Oneliners ENT Swammy Mock
  19. Oneliners Eye Swammy Mock
  20. PLAB 1 Key Points
  21. Summarized Clinchers created for Exam
  22. True Recall Questions
    2014 March
    2014 November
    2015 June
    2015 march
    2015 November
    2015 September
    2016 June
    2016 March
    2016 November
    2016 September
    2017 June
    2017 March
  23. 1700 Subjectwise 2017 PDF
  24. Alkhair Quick Notes
  25. PLAB 1 Advice

So it will be definitely the stuff which every one will need for the prep of PLAB Exam.

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All Files are uploaded in Google Drive where you can Read or Download.

Here we will share the link where you can download these files.

  1. GMC Sample Questions
  2. 1700 – Unsolved Questions
  3. 1700 – Solved Questions (no explanations)
  4. 1700 by Dr Khalid – Fully Revised (2nd version)*
  5. Unity Notes – Subjectwise
  6. Unity Notes – Unanswered
  7. Other Notes
  8. Mocks Made from 1700
  9. Clinchers
  10. 1700 Subject Wise
  11. Al-Khair Quick Revision Notes
  12. For PLAB 2


  1. Hi There
    I havle tried to download complete materials for PLAB, I might accidentelly delete a folder. Since I am new to downloading I am not süre. Please forgive me if I did, just wanted to let know so you can fix it
    Apologies again

  2. hi,i think i saw a folder for a schedule to complete the prep in 3 months,could u plz send me the link for the same as i cant find it anymore

    1. Actually all materials were uploaded in Google Drive link but then Google has removed that link of Drive , thats why you are getting this error.

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