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Important Medical Study Material

CPSP Past Papers MCQs [Authentic]

51) The accessory obturator artery is a branch of
A) Inferior epigastric
B) External iliac
C) Internal iliac
D) Obturator

52) Afferents of cremasteric reflex are present in nerve
A) Ilioinguinal
B) Genitofemoral
C) Iliohypogastric
D) Pudendal

53) In homonymous hemianopia due to occipital lobe infarction there is macular sparing because of blood supply from
A) Posterior cerebral
B) Opposite posterior cerebral
C) Middle cerebral
D) Anterior choroidal

54) Which of the following fibers don’t pass through the posterior limb of internal capsule
A) Sublentiform
B) Retrolentiform
C) Corticonuclear
D) Dorsal column

55) Which nerve carries special visceral efferent fibers
A) 3rd
B) 4th
C) 6th
D) 7th

56) All of the following statements about the vagus nerve are true except that it
A) Carries the GVE neural column
B) Carries postganglionic parasympathetic fibers
C) Innervates right two third of transverse colon
D) Stimulates peristalsis & relaxes sphincters

57) The auditory pathway consists of all of the following except
A) Spiral ganglion
B) Superior olivary nucleus
C) Medial lemniscus
D) Inferior colliculus

58) A patient has the ability to stand erect with eyes open but falls with closed eyes. The axonal pathway lesioned is A) Dorsal spino-cerebellar
B) Ventral spino-cerebellar
C) Medial lemniscus
D) Spinal lemniscus

59) The centre for vertical gaze is
A) Abducent nucleus
B) Nucleus prepositus
C) Rostral interstitial nucleus
D) Para-pontine reticular formation

60) What is incorrect regarding parasympathetic nervous system
A) The Edinger-Westphal nucleus is responsible for pupillary dilation
B) Cholinergic drugs may cause frequency of micturition
C) Cholinergic activity induces salivation
D) Anticholinergic drugs may cause constipation

51.A 52.B 53.C 54.C 55.D 56.B 57.C 58.C 59.C 60.A

61) Which of the following statements concerning the lateral horn of the spinal cord is true
A) It contains postganglionic parasympathetic neurons
B) It gives rise to a spinothalamic tract
C) It is present at all spinal cord levels
D) It gives rise to preganglionic para-sympathetic fibers

62) All of the following are features of large intestine, Except
A) Large intestine secretes acidic mucus which helps in formation of stools
B) It is a site of mucocutaneous junction
C) Its epithelium contains goblet cells in large numbers
D) Absorbs salt and water

63) Which of the following pathway is involved in the ability to recognize an unseen familiar object placed in the hand
A) Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
B) Anterior spinothalamic tract
C) Posterior spinothalamic tract
D) Dorsal column

64) Efferents in superior cerebellar peduncle arise mostly from
A) Purkinje cells ?
B) Stellate neurons
C) Deep nuclei
D) Grade III fibers

65) Not a branch of basilar artery
A) Posterior cerebral artery
B) Labyrinthine artery
C) Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
D) Superior cerebellar artery

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66) All of the following features are seen in neurons from dorsal root ganglia, except
A) They have centrally located nuclei
B) They are derived from neural crest cells
C) They are multipolar
D) Situated in the intervertebral foramina

67) In polio contracture of the iliotibial tract leads to all except
A) Hip flexion and abduction
B) Lateral rotation of tibia
C) Knee flexion
D) Varus deformity at knee

68) Injection of hypertonic saline into the carotid artery causes activation of the hypothalamus via which of the following
A) Medial nucleus of the hypothalamus
B) Supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus
C) Preoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus
D) Paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus

69) True about sympathetic chain is
A) Totally it has 31 ganglia
B) Myelinated post ganglionic fibers
C) Passes from skull to coccyx
D) White rami are present at all levels

70) Fibers of the accessory cuneate nucleus terminate in the
A) Spinal cord
B) Medulla
C) Midbrain
D) Cerebellar cortex

61.D 62.A 63.D 64.C 65.C 66.C 67.D 68.C 69.C 70.D

71) Tactile discrimination from lower limb is carried by
A) Ipsilateral gracile fasciculus
B) Contralateral cuneatus fasciculus
C) Anterior spinothalamic tract
D) Dorsal spinocerebellar tract

72) Brodmann number of Wernicke’s sensory speech area is
A) 3 b
B) 22
C) 39
D) 44

73) Pupillary light reflex includes all except
A) Ganglion cells of retina
B) Lateral geniculate body
C) Pre-tectal nucleus
D) Edinger Westphal nucleus

74) Choose the incorrect statement regarding cerebellum
A) Coordinates motor activity & Maintains posture, equilibrium and muscle tone
B) Middle peduncle sends dentatothalamic tract to VL thalamic nucleus
C) Dorsal spinocerebellar tract passes through Inferior peduncle
D) In children, 70% of brain tumours are found in posterior fossa, originating mostly from cerebellum

75) Pudendal nerve supplies which part of the urinary bladder?
A) Detrusor muscle
B) Internal sphincter
C) External sphincter
D) All of the above

76) Arterial supply of motor area of cerebral cortex is by
A) Anterior cerebral artery
B) Middle cerebral artery
C) Posterior cerebral artery
D) Anterior and middle cerebral artery

77) While doing surgery for meningioma on cerebral hemisphere, there occurred injury to left paracentral lobule; it will lead to paresis of
A) Left face
B) Right neck and scapular region
C) Right leg and perineum
D) Right shoulder and trunk

78) Untrue about pharyngeal arch derivatives
A) Anterior 2/3 tongue develops from 1st pharyngeal arch
B) Laryngeal cartilages are derived from 4th & 6th arch
C) Branchial cyst is persistent cervical sinus
D) Buccinator is mesodermal derivative of first arch

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79) Injury to which nerve during a herniorrhaphy may cause paresthesia at the root of scrotum and base of penis.
A. Ilioinguinal
B. Pudendal
C. Genitofemoral
D. Iliohypogastric

80) True about upper end of tibia are all except
A) Ossification centre at the upper end fuses by 20 years
B) It gives attachment to medial collateral ligament
C) It gives attachment to semi-membranous
D) Posterior aspect of patella articulates with upper end of tibia laterally

71. 72.B 73.B 74.B 75.C 76.D 77.C 78.D 79.A 80.D

81) Typical cervical vertebra can be differentiated from thoracic by all of the following except
A) Oval body
B) Foramen transversarium
C) Superior articular facet directed backwards & upwards
D) Small body

82) Choose the correct statement regarding the endodermal derivatives of branchial arch pouches
A) First : Tympanic antrum
B) Second : Tubotympanic recess
C) Third : Ultimo branchial body
D) Fourth : Inferior parathyroid

83) A newborn baby is noted to have a left unilateral cleft lip. There are no abnormalities of the baby’s palate. Which of the following developmental defects accounts for this occurrence
A) Failure of the left lateral palatine process to fuse with the median palatine process
B) Failure of the left maxillary prominence to unite with the left medial nasal prominence
C) Failure of the right and left medial nasal prominences to merge
D) Failure of the left maxillary process to fuse with the left medial nasal process

84) A patient presents with a chief complaint of chronic nose-bleeds. To control the severity of these nosebleeds, his physician decides to ligate the sphenopalatine artery. From which of the following arteries does the sphenopalatine artery arise
A) External carotid
B) Facial
C) Maxillary
D) Ophthalmic

85) A thyroid mass usually moves with swallowing because the thyroid gland is enclosed by which of the following fascia
A) Carotid sheath
B) Investing layer of the deep cervical fascia
C) Pretracheal fascia
D) Prevertebral fascia

86) All of the following pass behind ischial spine except
A) Obturator nerve
B) Pudendal nerve
C) Internal pudendal vessels
D) Nerve to obturator internus

87) Subdural haemorrhage has occurred due to venous bleeds. Which veins are involved
A) Bridging
B) Middle meningeal
C) Subarachnoid
D) Pterygoid

88) Obstruction to the flow of CSF at the aqueduct of Sylvius will most likely lead to the enlargement of which ventricles?
A) Only lateral ventricle
B) Only third ventricle
C) Both lateral and third ventricles
D) Fourth ventricle

89) Cuneus is separated from the lingual gyrus by the sulcus
A) Rhinal
B) Parieto-occipital
C) Calcarine
D) Collateral

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90) Transverse arch of foot is maintained by
A. Flexor digitorum brevis
B. Adductor hallucis
C. Abductor hallucis brevis
D. Peroneus brevis

81.C 82.A 83.B 84.C 85.C 86.A 87.A 88.C 89.C 90.B

91) Following are the pairs describing skull foramina and the nerves related. Choose the correct pair
A) Foramen rotundum: Mandibular nerve
B) Foramen ovale: Maxillary nerve
C) Foramen spinosum: ophthalmic nerve
D) Internal acoustic meatus: Nerves intermedius

92) Kiesselbach’s area has been damaged in a fist fight. The main artery to the area is
A) Anterior ethmoidal
B) Posterior ethmoidal
C) Spheno-palatine
D) Greater palatine

93) Nerve carrying sense of taste from circumvallate papillae placed on the anterior 2/3 of the tongue is:
A) Chorda tympani
B) Lingual
C) Glossopharyngeal
D) Vagus

94) Muscles of the anterior compartment of the leg are innervated primarily by
A. Deep peroneal nerve
B. Superficial peroneal nerve
C. Sural nerve
D. Saphenous nerve

95) The following statements concerning chorda tympani nerve are true except that it
A) Carries secretomotor fibers to the parotid gland
B) Joins lingual nerve in infratemporal fossa
C) Is a branch of facial nerve
D) Contains preganglionic parasympathetic fibers

96) In the fracture of middle cranial fossa, loss of taste sensations from palate would be due to lesion in
A) Trigeminal ganglion
B) Deep petrosal nerve
C) Greater petrosal nerve
D) Cervical ganglion

97) A patient has a dry eye and reduced nasal secretions. The location of a lesion might be in the
A) Otic ganglion
B) Sphenopalatine ganglion
C) Ciliary ganglion
D) Superior cervical ganglion

98) Contraction of the tensor tympani and the stapedius prevents damage to the eardrum and inner ear. These muscles are controlled by which of the following nerves
A) Tympanic and chorda tympani nerve
B) Trigeminal and facial nerves
C) Facial and auditory nerves
D) Trigeminal and accessory nerves

99) A patient arrives in the emergency room after having suffered severe head trauma in a motorcycle accident. Radiographic studies of the head reveal a basilar skull fracture in the region of the foramen ovale. Which of the following functional losses would most likely be related to this injury
A) Loss of abduction of the eye
B) Loss of sensation over the forehead
C) Loss of sensation over the zygoma
D) Paralysis of anterior belly of digastric

100) All is true about accessory nerve except
A) Cranial part belongs to SVE column
B) Spinal part supplies sternomastoid and trapezius
C) Cranial part supplies all pharyngeal muscles except palatopharyngeus
D) Cranial part supplies all palatal muscles except tensor veli palate

91.D 92.C 93.C 94.A 95.A 96.C 97.B 98.B 99.D 100.C

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