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Australian Medical Council Exam True Recall Questions OBS and Gynae (2005 to 2009)

Download Australian Medical Council Exam True Recall Questions OBS and Gynae (2005 to 2009) PDF Free (Updated)

Today in this post we will share True Recall Questions of Australian Medical Council Exam of OBS and Gynae (2005 to 2009) with Keys and Explanations.

While doing hysterectomy in lithotomy position WOF nerve is prone to injury—
a) Pudendal nerve
b) Sciatic nerve
c) Common peroneal nerve
Ans: Standard textbooks of gynaecology mention about stretch injury of the sciatic nerve
and its peroneal branch as complications following vaginal hysterectomy.

A woman is challenged with combined oestrogen & progesterone, but does not get
withdrawal bleeding. Which organ is most likely to be affected?
a) Overies
b) Uterus
c) Pituitary
d) Hypothalamus
e) Fallopian tubes
Ans: Uterus.

The most appropriate OCP for a 24-year-old woman taking phenytoin is?
a) Microgynon 30
b) Microgynon 50
c) Diane 35
d) Clomiphene
e) Oestrogen 85 micrograms
Ans: Microgynon 50.
(JM p.960, LJ p.250)

A female, 17 weeks pregnant, has acute right iliac fossa pain. Which of the following is
the least likely cause of the pain?
a) Pyelonephritis
b) Red degeneration of a fibroid
c) Ectopic pregnancy
d) Acute appendicitis
e) Torsion of an ovarian cyst
Ans: C. Ectopic Pregnancy.
(353 Across: AIPG Book)

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