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Australian Medical Council Exam True Recall Questions Paediatrics (2005 to 2009)

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Today in this post we will share True Recall Questions of Australian Medical Council Exam of Paediatrics (2005 to 2009) with Keys and Explanations.

Photograph 9: A young child with a patch of hair loss on the scalp. Some small flakes of
skin are present. What is your diagnosis?
a) Tinea
b) Psoriasis
c) Alopecia areata
d) Trichotillomania
e) SLE
Ans: A.

An 8-year-old boy presents with photophobia, irritability & neck stiffness. Lumbar
puncture findings show 50 neutrophils, 100 lymphocytes, proteins normal, glucose
normal. Which is the most likely diagnosis?
a) Tuberculosis meningitis
b) H. influenza
c) Echo virus
d) E. Coli
e) HSV encephalitis

Ans: E.
*A 5 month old baby unwell for a week is noticed by his parents to have episodes of
leaning forward and shaking his arms. His parents are concerned, because he is not
responding as he used to. What is the likely cause?
a) Infantile spasm
b) Febrile seizures
c) Breath holding spells
d) Infantile myoclonic seizures
e) Petit mal epilepsy
Ans: D.

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