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True Recall Questions with Keys of PLAB September 2017 ( by Haider Ali)

True Recall Questions with Keys of PLAB September 2017 ( by Haider Ali)

These are the questions which came in exam of PLAB September 2017, with possible keys by Dr. Haider Ali.

1-Rash on mouth hand and foot
Answer: Coxsackie virus

2-Paracetomol poisoning 4 hours
Answer-N acetyl cystine

3-Women with progressive loss of coagnitive functions and memory,emotionally labile
Answer Alziemers disease

4-Irregularly irregular pulse most likely complication
Answer-Cerebral stroke

5-woman with bite from another woman
Answer: Hepatits b serology

6-Nursing home woman with itching on hands linear rash

7-14 year old affair with her teacher asks for contraception
Inform police

8-progressive memory loss with visual hallucinations
Lewy body dementia

9-atrial flutter ecg

10- svt management
Iv adenosine

11-st elevation ecg
Next step pci

12-question from ethics regarding blood transfusion in jonovah witness who had refused transfusion after rta and was in shock
Answer respect her decision and give fluids only

13-chemotherapy patient with vomiting
IM ondansatren

14-typical case of scabies and asked for treatment

15- severe asthma oxygen bronchodilator steroids given not improving
IV magnesium sulfate

16-child with sorethroat treated with ampicillin developed generalized rash
Cause infectious mononucleosis

17-patient with severe eye pain,redness,watering,irregular pupil was clincer
Answer acute iritis

18-a person was punched during a fight
Bleeding from ear
Temporal bone damage

19-patient with right hemiparesis times was not mentioned
Answer aspirin 300 mg

20-patient with hemiparesis ct done after 1 hour showed ischaemic stroke
TPA alteplase

21-ship worker with typical symptoms of mesothelioma died
Why is this coronor case
Answer cause of death is industrial

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22-typical rash of scabies
Name of organism sarcoptes scabie

23- patient with gastrectomy develops anemia
Cause vitamin b12 defficiency

24-patient with vitiligo hyperthyroidism
Is tired and lethargic
Cause was pernicious anemia (because its assosiated with autoimmune diseases)

25-patient with symptoms of PID
Treatment oflaxacin and metronidazole

26-patient with malodorous vaginal discharge

27-a smoker develops chest pain, is febrile Cough,pain worse on inspiration, Ecg was NORMAL!!! Heart sounds normal
Pneumonia or percarditis
I chose pneumonia because of normal ecg and normal heart sounds

28-patient with swelling of upper limbs raised jvp, lower limbs normal, Most appropirate investigation
Answer:ct scan thorax

29-You are sho in a hospital and you notice a collegue under influence of recreational drugs
Correct answer confront him personally

30-An old man with head injury lost consciouness and then regained consiousnes and then died in ambulance, Diagnosis
Extradural hematoma

31-old man with lesion on head wants it removed but wife does not want it removed
Answer : refer to psychiatrist to assess his capacity to make decision

32-a child delibeartely skips insulin and eats alot and unhappy at school
Answer refer to clinical psychologist

33-old man taking some meds develops parkinsonism what condition was he treated for
Answer Schizophrenia (side effect of antipsycotics)

34.cancer patient with rattling noise during breathing not responding to bronchodilator Steroids?
Nebulized normal saline (not sure)

35-there was a question where patient has pleural effusion On chest x ray Investigation of choice?
Pleural aspirate

36-typical scenario for tension pneumoyhorax, Management?
Needle decompression

37-female with purulent discharge from breast for 6 months
Diagnosis mammary duct fistulae

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38-villous adenoma
Hyponatremia or hypokalemia?

39-woman has a kid with duchene muscular dystrophy now pregnant again with a male baby. Chances of him being affected
Answer 50 percent ?

40-patient with vomiting for some days
Metabolic alkalosis

Low sodium low serum osmo high urine osmolarity

42-patient with prolonged with diarrhea
Metabolic acidosis

43-case of hypercalcemia, Initial management
IV fluid or pamindronate
I chose iv fluids

44- old man with back pain hypercalcemia renal failure
Cause multiple myeloma

45-patient with dry eyes difficulty swallowing
Hypromellose eye drops

46-patient with polyuria polydypsia, Diagnostic finding
Answer Random glucose of 14mmol

47-man with pulmonary embolism, Best investigation

48-man came from usa to uk has fever, night sweats and SPLEENOMEGALY
tb or lymphoma
I chose lymphoma

49-woman 28 years old with type 1 diabetes for 18 years decrease in vision frequent change in glasses, Site of abnormality
Retina or lens
I choose retina

50-cancer patient on dexamethosone blood sugar goes to 18mmol
Long acting insulin or oral hypo
I chose long acting insulin

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