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Important Medical Study Material

True Recall Questions with Keys of PLAB September 2017 ( by Haider Ali)

101-pyloric stenois scenoria
Answer Metabolic alkalosis

102-Old woman previously normal had suuden dysphagia after having a meal
Answer endoscopy

103- child with diarrha bloating and loose skin at hips
Answer celiac disease

104-child with recurrent chest infections
Answer sweat test

105-pregant woman worried for chromosomal abnormality at 16 weeks
Most definitive test
Answer amniocentesis

106-Patient’s arm was trapped under a trie and afterwards loss of pulse and paretheia
and swelling
Answer compartment syndrome

107-A pateint with bloody diarrhea and renal failure
Answer HUS

108-ITP scenario
Platelets decreased and bruises

109-Old man with bruises on face and neck
All labs normal
Answer NAI

110-Melanoma worst prognosis indicator
Answer tumor depth

111-CT scan in patient with drop in gcs

112-Woman with mastectomy and axillary
Lymph node removal presents with severe edema of her arm
Answer lymphedema

113-Previously normal elder women

114-woman with stress incontinence
Answer pelvic floor exercise

115-Previously normal old lady present with confusion and incontinence
Answer urinalysis

116- Elderly patient on morphine requests doctors to given him a lethal dose of morphine
Answer refer to psychiatrist for for suicidal risk

117-scenario of prospective cohort study

118-woman with pain and ultrasound showning gallstone
Answer lap cholecystectomy

119- a girl with short stature,breasts not developed and has primary amenorrhea
External genitalia are normal,no family history of chromosomal abnormality
Answer panhypituarism or tuner syndrome?

120-A women with hiatl hernia and horsenes of voice
To whom will you refer her
Ent specalist or gatroenterologist?
I chose ent specialist

121-a child with fever and swollen testis
Answer antibiotics

122-child with sudden onset of testicular pain,one testis higher than other
Answer surgical exploration

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123-child with scrotal swelling which transilluminates and testis not palpable

124-person undergoing elective surgery
Which factor should delay surgery
Answer MI 2 months ago

125-patient with depression

126-women age 64 with high bp
On three occasions
Answer ca channel blocker

127-breast feeding mother asks for contraception but wants another baby in 6months
Answer cocp or pop ?
I chose cocp

128-Patient wtih copius amount of sputum
Investigation of choice
Answer ct abdomen

129-cushing syndrome scenario

130-Young man with bp
Of 140/90,hematuria and family history of kidney problem,what should be the investigation of choice
Answer ultrasound abdomen (APKD)

131-A child with tonic clonic seizure
Airway maintanied iv access gained
Next step
Answer Iv lorazepam

132-thoracic dissection scenario with radio femoral delay and absent pulses

133-Old woman with a fall and cannot move her leg
Answer fracture neck of femur

134-person with single
Episode of vomting that was mixed with some blood, patient is stable
And well now
Next step
Endoscopy or discharge with advive?
I chose endoscopy

135-thalasemia minor scenario patient was stable had low mcv and low slightly low hb

136-Rheumatoid arthritis patient not taking any meds had low hb and low mcv of 70
Options were
Iron deff,anemia of chronic,hi bleed
Since she was not taking any meds so
I chose anemia of chronic disease but not sure.

137-A patient with recurrent TIA and hypertension who does not get any visits to his gp had some neurological signs
Options were
Mutli infarct or multi hemorrhage
I chose multi infarct

138- a patient had fecal discharge thru vagina what part of intestine is invloved
Answer sigmoid colon

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139-a patient with 4mm stone previously and now 3mm stone
Answer no treatment

140-PROSTATE symptoms back pain
Psa 14
Answer prostate carcinoma

141-A child with sepsis
Answer admit blood screening and start iv antibiotics

142-post op patient develop fever and abdominal pain
Aswer abscess?

143-Loss of senstation from middle of chin and below lip
Nerve involved
Or submandibular

144.Scenario of oral and esophageal candidiasis patient stopped eating but he was taking his medicines orally
Fluconozole orally or fluconazole suspension
I chose orally

145-Woman with sacral bone fracture
S1 nerve damage options were
Loss of ankle jerk
Loss of anal senstion
Bladder incontinence

146-patient on morphine has vomiting, was given metoclopramide and now has neck stiffnes
Answer metoclopramide side effect

147-Anemia with spherocytes
Answer direct combs test

148-Diverticulitis scenario
Investigatin CT abdomen

149-Post traumatic stress disorder

150-Adnexal mass with ground glass appearence
Option were dermoid cyst,benign cystic adenoma or ovarian endometrioma

151-Child with Blue spot near coccyx
Next step
Answer Reassurance(mangolian spot)

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