Australian Medical Council RQ October 2016

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Today in this post we will share True Recall Questions of Australian Medical Council Exam of October 2016.

October 22 nd recalls

1. Severe pneumonia child – iv flucox
2. Moderate pneumonia – iv penicillin
3. Ecg – Stemi ? , Af with HB
4. Ct scan – renal mass tumor ,
Some other colonic mass with unstable patient so i chose diagnostic lap
5. Cxr – LVF
Acute on chronic bronchitis
6. Patient was working in plumbing industry , has sob cxr given pleural thickening noted – wht
to do – pleural biopsy
7. Cxr of left sided upper lobe mass and scenario of lung cancer
What will the physical examination findings be ?
– LUL dullness
– Left horner
– B/l basal creps
8. Man called gp that they recently had a baby , but wife refuses to feed the baby , as she
thinks something bad will happen to him , she is crying always in night dress
Best NEXT step
– Call child protection to take care of baby
– Go visit them
– Involuntarily admit the mother
– Start her on SSRI


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