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Important Medical Study Material

True Recall Questions with Keys of PLAB September 2017 ( by Haider Ali)

51-patient on oral anti diabetics has to undergo sugery
Stop meds on the day of surgery

52-long scenario….poatssium raised to 5.7
Iv calcium gluconate

53- another scenario for hyperkalemia
Answer:Iv insluin plus dextrose because ca gluconate was not in option

54-patient with swollen feet knee joint x ray showing punched out lesions
Diagnosis gout

55.scenario of septic arthritis
Joint asprate for culture

56-patient admitted for surgery has glucose in urine
Cause stress induced

57-patient came for routine check up blood sugar random was abnormal
Follow up investigation?
Repeat fasting sugar

58-asthamtic patient with silent chest
Finding indicating severity
I chose high paCO2 levels

59-case of copd came to hospital not improving with o2 bronchodilator and steroid
Next step

60-male with multiple painful penile ulcers

61-moderate dyscariosis on cervical smear
Next step

62-Sexually active female with new partner comes with post coital bleeding and increased discharge
Clamydia cervicitis

63-postmenupausal woman with hot flushes …..20cigarretes per day and hypertensive taking amlodipine for hypertensin and blood pressure well controlled
-Esterogen and progesterone or clonidine
I chose HRT as she was already taking amlodipine so shdn’t add clonidine.

64.case of subdural hematoma
Investigation CT

65-VT and haemodynamically unstable
Dc cordioversion

66-PT in CCU with arrhythmia unstable

67-patient with pulse of 34per minute
Atropine?It says in samson notes that atropine should be given

68-patient with frequent episodes of palpitations and chest pain Ecg normal
Patient stable
Best investigation
24 hour ecg

69-Bulima nervosa and bmi 17
Refer to eating disorder unit

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70-patient took amitryptyline and is stable
Ecg monitoring

71-delirium tremens

72-overdose of drugs and coarse tremor

73-patient on indapamine falls in morning frequently
Postural hyptotension

74-patient with sudden painless vision loss
Fundoscopy shows flame shaped hemorrhages
Answer CRVO

75-hypertensive patient on amlodipine
Fundoscopy shows dot blot and hard exudates
Answer Hypertensive retinopathy

76-patient with problem in giving presentations ….
Social phobia

77-child with periorbital pain fever swelling
Answer preorbital cellulitis

78-patient with pain on corner of
Lower eye lid side of nose and lip
Answer infraorbital nerver?

79.patient involved in fight and got a punch
Pain and swelling in eye and diplopia
Bone damaged
Sphenoid bone? According to samson or swammy mock key

80-scenario of chronic fatigue syndrome

81-scenario of bppv
Hallpike menuever

82-tremor on streching hands and relived by alcohol
Answer benign essential tremor

83-non sedating anti histamine

84-Allergy and breathlessnes
Im epinephrine

85-woman with bee stungs multiple times
What advise would you give for future
Answer-apply anti histamine cream

86-psychotic depression

87-psuedo dementia

88-chicken pox exposure pregnant lady no antibodies
Answer give immunoglobulin

89-hep b positive mother gives birth to a baby
Answer give hep b immunoglobulins

90-scalded skin sydrome

91-hiccoughs in cancer patient
Answer chorpromazine(haloperidol was not in oprion)

92-cervial cytogy for suspected cerival cancer

93-adult with pencil rubber in ear
Remove with a hook

94-ear discharge hearing loss

95-cancer patient with cough not responsing to codine
Answer antimuscuranic injection

96-pain controlled with oral
Morphine 60mg BD now cannot take orally
Answer subcutaneous 60mg OD

97-woman with 2 previous abortions
Advice for future
Answer aspirin as soon as pregnant

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98-women shifted in a new house
No history of trauma presents with pain in upper arm
Supraspinatous tendnitis or bicep tear?
I chose supraspinatous as in 1700 files by dr khalid

99-asthmatic patient pain in joint
Answer paracetamol

100-pregnant woman with osteoarthritis
Answer paracetamol

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