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How to Score Big in MCAT?

Do you want to score Big in MCAT? Here are the tips to be followed:

Assalam u alaikum! Dear students,these are your last days for preparing MCAT (Wait, take 10 deep breaths before reading further). This blog is to refresh your mind from your own built pressure and make you people mentally ready for your MDCAT day!
I still stick to my words: The more you Chill(mentally) , the more you Score!
Following are the essentials which you should follow, for benefitting yourself:

1) On 19th(a day before MDCAT), stop studying 2-3 hoursbefore your sleep timeand do take a full+deep sleep app. 8 hours. On yhis day you may practice some exercises only, but please don’t get so much worked over on them in case you are not able to solve them, because they are not the leaked MCQs of MCAT. Calm down and think more positively.
2)If your revision is not finished and syllabus is still left, please don’t prefee to stay up the night before MCAT. Go to bed and wake up early in the morning to revise that stuff. But preferentially,wind yup your all study matter before the last day.
3)Do have a protein rich meal in dinner and please relax. The very next day is not 9/11.
4)There’s No need to Panic!! I repeat , no need to Panic. Be mature and Brave! Believe that you will be chosen for Batch 2022. Believe the fact ! Yes ! You were tge one for whom mMCs were waiting to grant admission this year! Believe that your Luck and Fortune will be the best for you.In Shaa Allah. Confidence is the first step to the on the Road of Success. Having plenty of prayers of your teachers, parents and friends, you are In Shaa Allah meant to suceed.

5) In the early mornibg on 20Th August,take a Starch Rich Breakfast, recite Syrah Al Yaseen, be good with everyone and control yourself from getting out of your mind i.e. from being panic. Take a look on your luggage, your slip, ball points,chocolate (do have one, eat it before entering the Center) everything ready? Centers provide you with water bottles, tissue paper and clock.So enjoy the protocol given to you by UHS.
Note: Bags , bottles and even wrist watches were not allowed last time in majoruty of centers.
6) Once you Center, stay cool, chill, enjoy, be decent but please avoid talking to your friends or someone else,it saves energy level of your brain and makes you more to the point.
7) You may use washrooms of the Center, but after using it,its my advise to move away from that area. The reason is that , some students out of anxiety vomit, the smell of vomt may make you feel nausiatic and may baffle you. Be preventive!
8) Reach your center in time, enter in your hall and check the seat, dit calmly and comfortably. Recite Ayat ul Kursi, Trust in Allah, Feel Satisfied, Think positive or better nothing.
9)Say BismillAllah, start your paper. Let’s suppose you are stucked with ant of the initial questions , leave it for a while, stay calm,take deep breaths. You may attempt it later on. Continue the next ones.
10) You; on that MCAT seat,are not authorized to judge that whether the previou MCQ , for which you just fill the bubble was Correct or Not! UHS is there to make the key and decide. You don’t need to judge yourself and confuse yourself.
11)Please check for the series too. Many students make this blunder every year. After every 5-10 MCQs, kindly do check the series number.
12)Don’t forget to fill the code block! Please, I repeat, don’t forget to fill the code bubble else all your hardwork will go in vain.
13)Tell the end of the test; No need to Exhaust yourself by getting flash backs of discouraging past thoughts &People’s ironic words in your mind. You are here , on this seat to negotiate them! This time you have the*Power Pen* Whether tp disapprove them or approve those evil statements of people!
I really wish you all BEST OF LUCK for MDCAT 2017.Hope you feel yourself mentally prepared after reading my last blog.Eager to see you all as our Juniors soon. Specially I want to bade BEST OF EVERYTHING! to my Besties, for whom I made myself to write guidance blogs . Moeeover, special Thanks to Risham Kokab, who gave me confidence and Sir Dr. Hafiz Bilal ڈاکٹر حافظ بلال , who provided me the plateform to reach and help you all.
Dear Juniors!
Listen, you are appearing for a Doctorate Test, not a Kindergarten test! So, you need to have NERVES OF STEEL,SOULS OF PLATINUM and SPIRIT OF IRON!! Whatever circumstances you faced, how much injustice life has been to you, please, do leave these thoughts and pains outside the main door of your BRAIN before preparing for test and before entering the center. Be Focussed! You should have an Aptitude of becoming a Doctor, Rest these MCQs are meaningless to Judge you! Hope you are Best prepared to Conquer this attempt and you are much Passionate for Victory, In Shaa Allah!
ارادے جن کے پخته هوں نظر جن کى خدا پر ھو
طلاطم خىز موجوں سے وه گھبراىا نھىں کرتے

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~ Wizra Rehman
~ MCAT World Admin Team

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