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Tips to Solve MCQs in Medical Exams

Tips to Solve MCQs in Medical Exams

Are you taking Medical Exam? Are there MCQs in exam? Wanna score high in Exam?

We will share here the Tips which will definitely be useful for you to score big in exam


MCQs solving is a technique which is needed to be learned by every candidate appearing in medical exams.

There are some tips which are explained in details here.

1) Time Management : 
Most Important thing is Time management. The more you will give time to a mcq the more you will get confused. And if u will give less than required time then again you will mark it wrong. So give an adequate specified time to every mcq. Mark it and you can come at later stages to think about it.

2) First come First Mark :
Well it is the most acceptable fact that the answer which clicks in your mind first is the right answer most of the time. So you should give preference to those options which come in your mind first.

3) Exclusion Method : Exclusion method is also good method. In case you are not sure about an answer, than exclude the irrelevant options first and lessen your answer to only 2 options then mark the one which is more relevant to that topic.

4) Don’t solve the Mcqs on the basis of your general guess ever. Try to answer on the basis of what u have read directly/indirectly or closest to whatever u have read about that thing.

5) Be confident: Don’t ever lose heart to see a very difficult mcq. Read the mcq again and again there is always a hint in mcq you need to find that. Then read the options again and again, the answer will click your mind naturally.
Your brain is like a computer which process the data itself in ur subconscious. So trust ur brain.

6) Frequent cause of Failure:  Most frequent cause of failure is that people start feeling to see a very difficult paper that they are not going to pass the exam.Then they don’t solve the rest of mcqs with whole heatedly. They don’t fight on every mcq and eventually they fail.

7) No paper can defeat u unless u accept the defeat. Fight on every mcq till last minute.

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