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New Rules of Fee Increase for FCPS Part 1 Exam by CPSP

In Recent Notification and also when you print out chalan to submit FCPS Part 1 exam fee it is mentioned that there will be increase in fee with every next attempt.
According to this chalan fee of 1st attempt of the year is 25050, 2nd attempt 27050, 3rd attempt 28050 and 4th attempt 35000. You can check the following screenshot bellow.

Clarification: On confirming from officials it is stated that these are not fee of next attempts but fee of first late, then 2nd late and 3rd one is with special permission which will cost additional of 10000. So basically these are late fee submissions fee as you can see in Notification below. Confusion arises as it wasn’t clearly mentioned in chalan about late fee, they only mentioned 1st, 2nd , 3rd. So they should mention late fee as well with these numbers as it can easily confuse students:


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