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Review of FCPS Part 1 Exam 06 September 2017

FCPS Part 1 Exam was taken yesteday on 06 September 2017. It was taken for all specialties. There were lots of reviews regarding different papers, so we will try to sum up different reviews in a single article.

Medicine and Allied Evening: 

Well overall this Paper was tough as many candidates comments can clearly show that it was tough indeed. There were very less numbers of repeated MCQs. The MCQs which were in Paper were tough too.

Few of candidates are commenting to start their prep again and few are asking for prayers. So lets hope best for the result as the result will decide 🙂

Radiology Paper: 

If we talk about Paper of Radiology, then we will say it was easier than other papers, as there were many repeats in exam. Candidates are praising SK Book, and suggesting November candidates to do Past Papers from SK Book.

FCPS Part 1 Anesthesia: 

Talking about FCPS Part 1 Anesthesiology, it was tough Paper as very less number of MCQs were repeated in Paper 1.

FCPS Part 1 Ophthalmology: 

FCPS Part 1 Ophthalmology Paper was tough too. MCQs were very less from Past Papers. So overall it was tough one.

FCPS Part 1 Dentistry: 

Well this time paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry was also tough one. Very less numbers of repeated MCQs were there in Papers. Much of Paper came from Biochemistry, Embryology, Pharmacology and Histology.

After reviewing through different comments we will suggest you people to do Theory as well as MCQs. Give half time to Theory and half to MCQs. Every year in different attempts of Part 1, repeated MCQs vary, as in one attempt there are many repeats and in some very less. So it the pattern of CPSP to shuffle MCQs with different numbers.

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