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FCPS Guidelines

Tips for FCPS Part 1 Online Exam

For all those who will be appearing in the ONLINE Attempt for the first time

?No Mobile phone paper pen pencil is allowed inside the hall

?The paper which u have got showing all the roll no. seating arrangements from CPSP will be displayed outside the hall with a number written on top of ur roll no. for example 25 ..means u have to sit on laptop 25

?After seating kindly reconfirm ur laptop by seeing the paper which is placed on your table displaying ur roll no. ur picture

?Login Id And password will be written on your paper u have to enter the id and password on the laptop and click LOGIN and instructions page will come NOW wait there until u have been instructed to start ur exam by examiner.

? Then u have to TICK a small dialogue box above a green start button to accept the instructions to start your exam

? You dont need to look at the clock for time ..remaining time will be displayed in ur laptop at upper right corner

?Online exam is different from the conventional exam in certain aspects. Only one question appears on the screen at a time with two options of ‘SKIP’ and ‘NEXT’. If you mark the answer and press ‘NEXT’, the question will be marked and gone permanently and will not appear again at all. In case you select to ‘SKIP’ that question, that perticular question will be skipped and get repeated in the end again after you complete one complete cycle of your 100 questions. But when the question appears the second time after getting skipped at first, it will be mandatory to mark it then and press NEXT. In short, you can look at the same question only twice at max, by using the SKIP option.

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?This being the technical detail, my advice about approaching the online exam : Only skip those questions about which you have absolutely no idea and then think about them in the end during the second round. About the questions that you are sure about, take your time and mark them during the first cycle.

By. Dr. Eman Fatima

Good Luck !

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