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FCPS Guidelines

FCPS Part 1 Radiology Guidelines

Credits: fcpsguru.blogspot.com

Guideline shared by Dr. Aliyaa.
I have cleared FCPS Radiology Alhamdulillah,i know RADIOLOGY PPL hav to face problem as there is less guidnce and material available for RADIOLOGY.
starting with the name of Allah..
I’ll try to be comprehensive

FCPS is not tough at all,it just needs 4 THINGS

I am sharing my experience,just do PAPER ORIENTED STUDY
1. Maximum MCQS practice is necessary to pass Fcps
2. Anatomy(snell review is enOugh,likh lo meri bat, NO BIG BOOKS, bs wo kro jo end days p compile kr sko,upper limb,thorax,pelvis perineum lymphatic drainage,abdomen aorta celiac trunk,lower limb muscle compartments with nerve supply……no origin insertion,just do for those jo bar bar pocha ja rha in mCqs..try to do it with rabia ali anatomy mcqs,snell review k bhi anatomy mcqs krna is better as we have less pool for anatomy mcqs)
its your choice follow diagrams of anatomy,NETTER,Google images ya notes bna lo..
3. priorities(Asim and shoaib for medicne and surgery both then chandkians)these mcqs shud be on finger tips
4.PAST PAPERS(page k file section ma hain, ma n ALL in One Past PAPers file ki ar Radiology past papers)
5.DO NOT WASTE TIME ON TEXT BOOKS OF histo,embryo,biochem,pharma,special patho etc jo mCqs ma ha TRUST ME kaafi ha
6. PHYSIO systemic FA or BRS jis s bhi concept banay,follow it
7. do MAXIMUM Mcqs with concept,mcq parho ar FA s topic dekho,thats it
8. 4 to 5 reads of above mentioned mcq books(asim both plus chandkians)
you’ll pass IN SHA ALLAH
i emphasize on mcqs because sab perhty hyn,pr failure ki reason kum mcq practice ha,
mcqs maximum and do topic with that,thats it
MAY be kuch reh gya ho,you ppl can ask me,bs guys boht parho ar pass kro
only 2 months require,trust me ye duniya after 2months bhi waheeen rehy gi jahan ha,so stay focused
have faith in Allah,offer your prayers regularly.

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