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Important Medical Study Material

Past Paper of HAAD Exam 09 April 2015

1: long case of typical RHUMATIC ARTHRITIS …then tell you the patient was treated with
ketoprofen for 6 month and during the last 3month choloroquine was added .Then the
patient had knee pain and minimal fluid and there was problem in his hand ( weakness or
pain ?) .Investigations shows that his CRP and ESR values are doubled from the one was
done one month earlier .His renal and kidney functions are normal ….What to do next?
a-Stop Ketoprofen and give Prednison
b-Stop choloroquine and give methotrexate
c-Add methotrexate
d-Add Abatacept

2- Case presentation of ,Hyperpigmentation , High ACTH, Abdominal stria ,Face acne, round face , nocturnal polyuria , polydipsia. what is the cause ?
-Adrenal adenoma
-Adrenal carcinoma
-Pituitary adenoma
-MEN type 2 syndrome

3-Female coming with lower abdominal pain ,tenderness and dyspareunia ,examination
show nodule on the posterior fornix of vagina(AS IT IS ENDOMETRIC TISSUE OF
علشان نشيلها بيه
-Vaginal US

4-what is most serious side effect of haloperidol / antipschotic?
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

5-73 year old lady has vaginal bleeding ,has done total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Vagina show petechial Hamorrhage…what is the ttt?
Estrogen +Progesterone

6-Patient admitted for treatment of infection was given streptomycin and gentamycin ,his
illness improved but checking creatinin level is elevated ( was normal on admission) what is
the cause:
-proliferative GN
-Gentamycin induced

7- Old man given augmentin, after one week presents with diarrhea and bleeding per
rectum. What is diagnosis?


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