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FCPS Guidelines

How To Pass FCPS Part 1 with BHU, RHC, THQ, DHQ by Dr. Farwa Awan

Problems FACED

Parha Nae jata thakawt hoti hai job ki bht ziada
Time manage Nae Ho raha job sey wapis aa k so k uthtay Hain tou din khatam Ho jata hai
Periphery ki politics log bht ziada mind disturb Ho jata hai.

Solutions To these problems!

1. Yes you are facing problems:

I myself faced such problems but keep in mind you started this job just to get experience to get residency if you are not studying than leave it part 1 is more important you really want to clear it

2. Time management issues

For BHU , bae udr rash Nae hota baki centres k comparatively tou Apna Aik chptr udr hu complete Kr k aya kro baki Agr long distance tou gari main bhe para ja skta hai which I used to do!
Bakioun ki tou 6 hours fixed Hain
Wapis aa k take 2 hours sleep and than give 5 hours from 5pm to 10pm to books with no break take break eat dinner nmaz and than give last 2 hours till 12am to MCqs .no need eat gossips etc with ghar walay just for these 3,4 months usk bad ghr waloun k say gup shup krain

3. How to handle with periphery politics and seniors

Solutions: believe me if you are serious and khamosh Tabaaa in your duty timings you will not be disturbed don’t try to be over smart there that I am fresh graduate preparing for part 1. There are 4,5 years old graduates which are struggling for their part 1 too quietly.

4. Don’t complain about everything

you have to pass this exam you have no other option if you want to live in Pakistan. So don’t use laptops for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And others seasons

Don’t use mobile that much . FB sey thakay tou whatsapp . Udr sey thakay to Instagram udr sey thakay tou snap chat aur Twitter Phir ghantay bad sb sey thak k depress Ho k so jana k Yrrr time manage Nae hota ! I am telling these looks so funny today but these will be your biggest blunders for which you got failed gudanakhasta !

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These Guidelines were shared by Dr. Farwa Awan.

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