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How to Clear PLAB 1 with 19 Days Preparation?

How to Clear PLAB 1 with 19 Days Preparation?

We will share the 19 Days preparation guideline share by a PLABer who was able to clear exam merely with 19 days Preparation.

Roughly 19 days of intensive preparation for PLAB 1, and I passed!
First of all, I have to thank PLAB Face Book Group for the immense amount of help for my preparation. In fact, I was lost as I didn’t know where to start for my IELTS and Plab 1 preparation.

The IELTS Journey

I prepared for 10 days for my IELTS, since I was working full time. I mainly concentrated on the writing part and practiced the reading, listening part using Cambridge books. Unfortunately I can’t find the link anymore, I think it got taken down (I did my IELTS last year). For the speaking section, 2 days of practice was enough. I have to say that I already have a good grasp of English, however I only passed the writing part with a band of 7 (the minimum required). So, the writing part should definitely not be underestimated. I had a partner to practice for IELTS. We did 1 complete mock test per day, except the speaking part.

PLAB 1 Journey:

This post is mainly for those who feel hopeless and not well prepared!
I always heard that PLAB 1 is an easy exam but I didn’t know what to believe. But now I really can say it’s the truth! There is no need for classes (that’s my opinion).
I started with the unity questions first. They were quite bulky and I was short of time, so I subscribed to Plabable. After completing the Plabable chapter wise questions, I did one mock and shifted to the 1700 questions, which I did twice. I also did 4 mocks which I found on this group. 1700 questions contain a lot of doubtful answers, so I mostly crossed checked with oxford handbook.

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PLAB 1 Exam:

The questions are lengthy with a lot of irrelevant details. I felt that the June exams required a more in depth study about the same common topics that we encounter while doing the 1700 sets. I didn’t study quite in depth but I managed to score 146 because i went with my instinct. It’s not an excellent score, but I’m very satisfied with it, given my short preparation time. But I really think that common topics should be read at least once.

Secondly, please don’t despair!! Halfway through the exam, i was thinking that most of my answers were wrong and I was doubting myself. But I had to gather myself and continue.

Don’t overthink, that’s where most mistakes occur. And to be honest, after the exam, i was going through the questions again and I easily counted 25 to 30 mistakes, all because I was overthinking while doing the questions.

Many questions were repeated or asked in a different manner. I also had to quickly read and skip to important part of the questions. It’s tough, but I really don’t know how to prepare for this. Maybe someone else who prepared more thoroughly than me could answer this.

I honestly felt that plabable was a great source which is up to date with the current guidelines. Many questions were repetitive and they could do with a larger question bank, but I relied a lot on it. And of course, the famous 1700 is amazing and shouldn’t be missed.

Thank you again for this awesome PLAB group for the materials that helped me!

Credits: Dr. Anonymous

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