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How to Clear IMM in Operative Dentistry – By Dr. Fariah Irfan

Assalamoalikum folks!
Hope you all are doing well…
I was trying a long to take out some time and write my experience about IMM which is the intermediate module exam of FCPS part 2 training and after about one and half month I finally got some relaxing mode to write it up calmly and guide my upcoming ones exactly what they are going to face.

So starting from the begining after you are done with the seemingly mushkiltareen part 1 exam and once you entered the training zone your real struggle starts…yes the real struggle ! ?
Before it was just S of struggle and now you have to do proper struggle to survive…
The syllabus is too much too inhuman and Sach pochain to koi syllabus Hai hi nhi you are expected to know each and everything related to your field…but khair parhae to ho hi jati Hai and sahi wali parhae exam se pehlay hi Hoti Hai so all you have to do is to do halki halki parhae from the start till 1.5 years of your training along with solving your past papers and then during the last six months try to study maximum possible you can!
Main Things to Focus: 
I will be telling you people the main things which might ease your training period and how you can make it a little systematic.
Firstly you are elgible to sit in your IMM exam after two years of your residency start
Exam happen twice each year with the months being changed by Cpsp according to their convenience so just roughly keep in your mind that you have to give it exactly after two years.
Now there are four MAIN requirements you have to fulfill to sit in this exam:
1-Synopsis Submission
2- Attending Workshops
3-Filling up your E-logbook
4-Completion of rotational training
All you have to do is to try to complete these main tasks in minimum first and maximum 1.5 years of your training so that you get the maximum end time period near your exam for study q k chahy ap ne shuru mai jtni b parhae q na ki ho agr ap last Mai revision nhi kr pay to it might happen that you can’t give your best in the exam!
  • Submit fee for you workshops:
Now individually talking first kaam after your RTMC registration (training mlnay k bad Cpsp Mai Jo registration ap ko krani Hoti Hai) is to go and submit fee for you workshops…yeh workshops ksi k lyay 4 or ksi k lyay 5 Hoti Hain depending on your speciality and after your fee submission they don’t call you instantly but it took a long time for your number to come so better k jtna jaldi submit kra skain kra dain.Now if someone is out of money to submit entire fee of all workshops they can do k sb se pehlay research ki workshop ki fees submit kra dain and then hr br Jb b workshop attend krain to next k lyay fee submit kra dain
  • First workshop to attend: 
First workshop you should try to attend is the research one…this is necessary because the synopsis which you have to submit us ka write up properly kis trh se krna Hai woh apko yeh workshop attend krnay k bad hi pta chalta Hai .
Synopsis is the proposal for your research work you are going to do for CPSP…you are given two options for this either you can write a Dissertation ( sort of thesis for your research work) or you can have two published articles in Cpsp approved journals… synopsis is the summary of your Dissertation if you are going to do that…
Workshop Mai they say that it is better to go for synopsis rather writing up two articles as it take longer time but if you have already done with the articles you can go for that.Synopsis according to CPSP apko shuru k 6 months mai submit krana hta Hai but they accept it if you are late in your submission but again try to do this work asap after you are in.
  • E-Log Book: 
Next there is an E-log book which is nothing but your digital log book you are given a password for it and it is mandatory and they do chack it when you submit your fees for exam is pr objection b lga daitay hain age entries km hn especially rotational entries km hn so plz plz do try to fill your log book on weekly basis or if at all possible on daily one. Because end Mai isay fill krna wabal e jaan bn jata Hai trust me.
Rotational training bhi hr speciality k alag hti hai it is mandatory and iski log book entries b especially check Hoti Hain try to complete in during the start of your second year.
After you are done with these all formalities you are free to study!
  • Focus more on Studies than Clinical Work: 
One more suggestion I can give is to focus more on your studies than your clinical ( I’m not saying to ignore your clinical work for study but try to not ignore your study for your clinical work) reason being for clinical work you INSHALLAH will get your entire life but this is the crucial time for your study being young you can utilize your best energies yet and with time study krna becomes more and more difficult due to so many other reasons and also properly parhnay k baad kaam krnay ka mza alag Hai
I will also like to mention here that you have to keep an eye on when is your coming exam fee is going to be submitted and when is your last date.The norm is when the last exam is finished right after it they start submission and close it quite soon after about one and half Months.
So that about 4 months before your exam the fee submission is done.
Books to be done:
For IMM you have to do six main books
4-Arts and science
6-Rosenstiel preferably (u can go for schilinberg as well for fixed prostho)
Selected chapters from last 3 + try solving past papers make a separate note book and try solving two questions per week first do all IMM papers and then last 2 years fcps and mcps papers!
Agr yeh sb koi kr lai to beside extreme bad luck nothing can stop them clearing this exam
Alhumdulilah I have done with my exam but unluckily I did not follow the above mentioned plan so I have to face a lil bit difficulty and I got panic during my crucial study period but million thanks to ALLAH that my supervisor was kind enough to facilitate us as much as possible and providing the best possible study situation.But not everyone get the same scenario therefore do follow this plan and ease your crucial study period…All the very best and please remember me in your prayers for my upcoming exams!
**You can share your experience also on our website by sending us your experience in comment box bellow with complete details.**
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