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How to clear FCPS Part 1 Dentistry? Experience shared by Dr. Yousuf Ansari for April 2019 Attempt

How to clear FCPS Part 1 Dentistry? Experience shared by Dr. Yousuf Ansari for April 2019 Attempt

Assalam o aliekum iam Dr yousuf Ahmed ansari. By the grace of Allah I cleared my fcps part 1 in first attempt of April 2019. Though really number of attempts doesn’t matter. More Important is achieving your goal at the end. I personally believe it’s not humanly possible to study and remember each and everything. Handwork is important but with smart studies. I work at a hospital in day time. At the end I was only able to study properly for 3 weeks. (18 to 20 hours in a day) because I started from scratch and had to cover alot. So if you guys are having 2 to 3 months for preparation that’s more than reasonable time. Kindly make it simple for yourself and don’t get into fuss of so many books.

Study material all you need for comprehensive preparation is.

1)USMLE first aid. I did pharma,biochem, microbiology, embryology and some part of special pathology from it nothing more. But it’s a gem of a book you can study from it.

2) brs physiology (complete) and brs pathology (1-8 chaps).

3)Rabiya ali, I studied joints ,head and neck antomy and neuro from notes in the book. Short and easy way to cover these subjects. I did bcqs of All the sections head and neck anatomy,joints,cervical vertebrae and spinal cord, neurology, physiology, general and special pathology, microbiology,embryology, histology, pharmacology and general dentistry. Don’t waste your time on thorax and upper limbs etc.

4) Coffeedent.org (Most Important)

5) Asim and shoib dentistry.This bcq book is also a must. Follow the erratas again as there are some mistakes.

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6) Vijay pratab clinical for only dental material bcqs practice. Don’t buy it as PDF version is available. Guys believe me this will be more than enough if you will do it with proper understanding.

Now don’tssss……

You don’t need to study oral pathology,oral medicine,oral anatomy,dental materials.very basic knowledge and past bcqs would be enough as they get repeated. Don’t waste your time in doing thorax,upper limbs ,lower limb etc in detail.dont waste your much of time in histology, microbiology(basics from USMLE first aid are enough). In the end days
I did Thorax and upper limb very superficially with anatomy of heart.
Be mentally strong and believe in yourself InshAllah you will ace. SMART STUDY is the key to success for clearing this exam and achieving your goal. Best of luck to everyone for upcoming attempts You guys are welcome for any queries. I would try my best to answer them. Thanks

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