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FCPS Guidelines

How to get FCPS Residency in Private Institutes of Pakistan?


First of all, where I am today is all because of Allah’s endless blessings and my parent’s prayers and support. After completion of my House job, in one month I got appointed as Demonstrator in my own institute. During that time, all my professors insisted me to take up FCPS part 1 exam but I was reluctant because of endless rumors like part 1 is not easy and it’s difficult to get residency etc. etc. Moreover, M.phils and MSc were also suggested.

The more I listen, the more my ambiguity manifested as each and every one use to give their opinions. It was one of the scariest and confused time for me as I was unable to make decision. But deep down I myself always wanted to appear for FCPS part 1.

I contemplate myself and start asking for guidelines related to preparation of FCPS part 1 from my seniors. I quit my demoship and got hold of all advised books and start my preparations. I joined FCPS part 1 page on Facebook and along with my preparations I started to solve posted questions. Main guidelines which I follow was of J.K JAHANGIR KHAN’s page and pool of past questions. During my preparation, many colleagues and friends demoralized me that FCPS Part 1 is useless and has no scope. Some even said that four years is waste as it is just a diploma. By ignoring all , I kept my determination to pass the exam. In last month of my preparation, I use to study non-stop for 16 – 18 hours. Hard work never goes unrewarded and Alhamdulillah I cleared my FCPS part 1.

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But my journey was not over. Questions like how to get residency? Where to get residency? Whom to ask for help? Shall I visit supervisors or not? Private or government institute? Then opportunity strike as one of my junior colleague (Dr Asad Raiz) send me link related to induction exam. I cleared both written and interview (among appeared 42 candidates), got selected as Postgraduate resident (Alhamdulillah)

Tips to follow when applying induction exam in Private institutes:

• Every private institute open induction slots twice a year (2 seats/ specialty mostly in July and Jan) Follow Facebook pages , newspapers and even visit main websites of institute as they updates about dates of induction exams with open slots in relevant specialties.
• U need to write application specify in which specialty you want to apply (can apply in more than two specialties).
• For induction exam you need to pass (written and interview individually). Written include mcqs and seqs which is Computer based test.. Mcqs are always simple and related to the applied field. Preferred books are Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, Clinical Dentogist MCQs and NDBA Clinical MCQs pool. Seqs are general knowledge question so one should have good proficiency in English. Time allotted is 1 hour and 15 minutes. (if anyone has applied in two specialties, will get additional 1 hour and 15 minutes and so on.
• For interview one should be confident. Interviews are conducted by supervisors of applied field. Most common asked questions are: why you selected (preferred) specialty? After FCPS what additional work you will do? Where you see yourself after 10 years? Have you done any research / read any article / know about research?

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Marks aggregation to be on the merit list of selection:

• 60 marks for MCQs (1 mark each)
• 10 marks for SEQs (5 marks each)
• 5 marks for research
• 5 marks additional allotted to graduates of same institute (but it doesn’t mean they are always selected)
After aggregation, one needs to be among top 2 (in individual specialty)

Keep in mind if you want to achieve it then go for it. Don’t listen to anyone except yourself as you know yourself best. Believe in yourself. I wish all the applying candidates very best for upcoming induction test.
Keep me remember in your prayers

FCPS – II RESIDENT (Orthodontics)

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