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FCPS Guidelines

Guidelines for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry May 2018 by Dr. Abdul Rauf Khan

Let’s have a look at my story. That was our last month of house job. We have’t our PMDC registration of our college yet . That was month of July-2017(I belongs to pioneer batch BKMC dental section Mardan).

We were very confused and tense about our future. In these days some of our class fellow remind us that we have to gave part-1 too. In my mind that was impossible for me because there was PMDC issue that was in my mind that some of our attempts will spoils in it(with out PMDC registration you are unable to gave it) and than we will not have stamina to do it. Some of my friends enforce me to buy books for part-1.I was not interested because of some problems….
1.I was a middle class student
2.I have some family problems also
3.I have no guidance and proper income source.
But my very close friend ARA khan tells me that at any cost , you have to do it_nothing is impossible.
I sit for march attempt…
With zero interest I make a timetable for study and take a start__ that was already in my mind that part-1 is impossible to clear, but there were no other option for me except study , no job, not other option.
So I take a start from dr. najeeb lectures of physiology (2 lectures /day very slowly start and I feel that my interest was developing that was month of october 2017) than BRS physio and I solve MCQs from Rabia ali alongside after each chapter. reaching to chapter of neuro physiology 1st I watch all dr.najeeb lectures of neuro and than neuro anatomy from kaplan and than MCQs from rabia ali and than remaining BRS. keep in mind that when you done with neuro the remaining anatomy will be so easy for you.
Then I start short snell for grass anatomy and did head & neck and thorax very well, I saw diagrams of long snell, ant any difficulty I will use Google search (All of my searches are available in screenshots form in my facebook group i.e fcps_dentistry)
Then embrio from high yield and histo from sk pearl.
Then I start G.pathology from BRS patho with MCQs from rabia ali.
Then pharmacology from kaplen : that’s hurt me due to volatility, would escaped from mind too rapidly . I did its MCQs from rabia ali and Asim & shoiab dentistry _ but my main focus was on ANS, CNS,CVS,NSAIDs , GASTRO,Antibiotics, Rheomatology and Renal.
Then I start dentogist basic only mcqs of oral bio, oral patho ,tooth morpho and dental material and then vijy pratap mcqs of dental material only _that was end of January 2018.
I did Micro, Immunology,Biochem(also from faiq ahmad) and bio statistic from SK pearl with MCQs from Rabia ali.

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In last month (feberuary 2018) I did revision and last five days I did only last two papers from jahangeer khan and also mcqs of oral bio, oral patho and d.material.
I gave the march attempt and I failed.

I did not know why I failed , what was the problem , I was very discourage, dishearten, confused and tense, march month passed in tension, and I decide to not give part-1 again . But my friends ARA and Junaid khan again encouraged me that just do mcqs for may attempt , but they also remind me my fault that you missed jahngeer khan which is vvvvvvvery important.

In month of april 2018 I revised Rabia ali, Tanveer notes, Asim and shoaib, vijy dental material,dentogist basic and Jahngeer khan whole book.that time I was discouraged but when sit in exam hall All mcqs were so easy for me and Alhamdolillah I attempt 80 MCQs in each paper with confirm answer.
And now thanks to Allah I am a PGR(FCPS trainee in OMFS MMC mardan)

1.never be discourage
2.be consistent not to loose hope
3.do more and more mcqs.
4.use google search for easy approch to a topic.
4.offer five time prayer , pray for you and got prays from your parents and relatives.

4.be in circle of these books_brs phsio, brs pato, short snell anatomy(diagrame from longsnell), tanveer ahmad notes,kaplen pharma and nevro, high yeld embrio, faiq biocheme ,sk pearlvolume-1/ fast aid rafiullah book for histo,biochem,micro,biostate,immunology,asim and shoaib dentistry, vijy pratab dental material,jaangeer khan and also join facebook groups like fcps_dentistry and fcps prep.batch( 2005_10 )and search in google for problem.

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Note: search satisfactory errata for each mcqs book, because there are errors in all .
Best of luck
Modrater of featured facebook group i.e fcps_dentistry
Facebook i.d: [email protected].

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