Study Plan for MRCP Part 2 (Experience Based Guidelines)

Today in this article we will share Study Plan for MRCP Part 2 that was taken by Dr. Muzzamil Sayyed and shared his experience with us.


Questions are not repeated, but TOPICS are repeated so don’t study focusing questions and answers but focus on Topics.


PASSMEDICINE PASTEST is must, but just don’t rely only on them.

Read some text, at least important Topics. SANJAY SHARMA its a very good resource.

Do data interpretation cardiac cath data, PFT perimetry Endocronologic tests and all.

Do Pictures regularly while studying from google and pdPDF books available on websites.

Time Management:

Time management is important, You should be doing 17 questions every 30 minutes.

Part 2 questions need analysis, so take much time that part 1 questions.

Hopefully it helps you people during your exam preparation.

Dr. Muzzamil Sayyed.


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