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Important Medical Study Material

PLAB 2 Stations from November 2014 upto May 2017

Paediatrics PLAB 2 Stations: 

1) Paediatrics History Taking
2) Excessive Cry
3) Bruises – ITP
4) Vaginal Discharge In Children
5) Vomiting In Children -2 Months
6) Vomiting In Children +6 Months
7) Rash
8) Bloody Stools
9) Acute Diarrhea In Children
10) Chronic Diarrhea In Children
11) Acute Delayed Walking
12) Chronic Delayed Walking
13) Unconsciousness In Children
14) Convulsion

PLAB 2 Stations 7th  January:
1. Diabetic foot
2. Breast examination
3. Pap smear
4. ABG
6. Asthma, simmon
7. Dysphagia. Caoesophagus
8. T C intestinal obstruction
9. Operation cancelled herniorraphy sue to anemia
10. PC poisoning, Management
11. Post stroke, hx, counselling
12. Femur fracture child NAI
13. Hypoglycemic fits child
14. Fall on outstrtched hand, wrist exam
15. Weight loss h/t
16.Antenatal clinic hx, councelling, recurrent miscarriages
17.rest is the best

PLAB 2 Stations 8th January:
1. Catheterisation
2. Lymphoreticular examination
3. Cardiac Simmon, bp/pulse and m/g
4. Dysphagia caoesophagus(same as on 7)
5. NAI elderly, multiple bruises all over the body
6. Antenatal examination
7. Nonhogdkins lymphoma, pt on morphine , might be morphine counselling regarding addiction to the pt, don’t know more
8. Elderly constipation, diagcodidamol
9. Infantile colic
10. Respiratory examination
11. Suturing
12. Diabetic retinopathy, resolve concern of pt, could I will be blind
13. TC diarrhea in child
14. TC pt operated rthemicolectomy, now having tacchycardia, tachypnia, increased temp talk to consultant
15. Urinary incontinence, 65 years
16. 65 year old lady wd weakness of her left arm, h/t, d/g, TIA/Stroke
17. Rest is the best

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PLAB 2 Stations: 
1) suturing..wound was anaesthesized but not cleaned. pt up to date with tetanus.
3) dyspagia (history from pt diagnosis to examiner)
4) constipation (positive was history of codeine use ankle injury. History from pt diagnosis to examiner)
5)Lymphoreticular exam (explain to examiner what you are doing as you examine)
6) respiratory exam
7)antenatal exam…( think it was oblique lie)
8)elderly abuse ( elderly had bruises and was thin) speak to daughter who is only care taker.
9)diabetic retinopathy ( explain finds to patient) who is concerned if he’ll go blind
10)telephone conversation with consultant ( patient post hemicolectomy low BP)
11)morphine counselling ( pt now put on morphine SR. He is concerned about addiction and if he’ll be able to contine work as a teacher)
12)telehone conversation (child with diarrhea)
13)talking mannequin ( take BP and auscultate heart in pt who was schedule for hysterectomy)
14) upper limb weakness which reolved after 30 minutes. Take history and give diagnoses to examiner. In history I discovered she had 2 other episodes within past 6 months.
15) urinary incontinence ( leaks urine when coughing or lifting heavy objects)

and then there was 
16) crying infant who was seen by consultant yesterday and all investigations were normal.

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