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Download Past Papers of PLAB [1700 MCQs with Answers] 2023



1. ng ovA 65yo man presents w/ painless hematuria, IVU is normal, prostate is mildly enlarged with mild frequency. What is the most appropriate next step?
a. US Abdomen
b. Flexible cystoscopy
c. MRI
d. Nuclear imaging
e. PSA

2. A 74yr smoker presented to his GP with cough and SOB. Exam revealed pigmentation of the oral mucosa and also over the palms and soles. Tests show that he is diabetic and hypokalemic. What is the most probable dx?
a. Pseudocushing syndrome
b. Conns disease
c. Ectopic ACTH
d. Cushings disease
e. Hypothyroidism

3. A 44yr woman has lost weight over 12 months. She has also noticed episodes where her heart beats rapidly and strongly. She has a regular pulse rate of 90bpm. Her ECG shows sinus rhythm. What is the most appropriate inv to be done?
a. Thyroid antibodies
b. TFT
c. ECG
d. Echocardiogram
e. Plasma glucose

4. A 79yr anorexic male complains of thirst and fatigue. He has symptoms of frequency, urgency and terminal dribbling. His urea and creatinine levels are high. His serum calcium is 1.9 and he is anemic. His BP is 165/95 mmHg. What is the most probable dx?
a. BPH
b. Prostate carcinoma
c. Chronic pyelonephritis
d. Benign nephrosclerosis

5. A 64yr man has recently suffered from a MI and is on aspirin, atorvastatin and ramipril. He has been having trouble sleeping and has been losing weight for the past 4 months. He doesn’t feel like doing anything he used to enjoy and has stopped socializing. He says he gets tired easily and can’t concentrate on anything. What is the most appropriate tx?
a. Lofepramine
b. Dosulepin
c. Citalopram
d. Fluoxetine
e. Phenelzine

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6. A 67yr man after a stroke, presents with left sided prosis and constricted pupil. He also has loss of pain and temp on the right side of his body and left side of his face. Which part of the brain is most likely affected?
a. Frontal cortex
b. Cerebellum
c. Pons
d. Medulla
e. Parietal cortex

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