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How to resign from Adhoc seat?

How to resign from Adhoc seat (Specialy for recent incduction people) :

During this recent induction people asked us whether they have to submit 1 month pay in advance while resigning from BHU , RHC, THQ, DHQ or not.
The proper way is either to give 1 month notice before you going to resign so that new roster should be adjusted and your pay is properly stopped. If you must resign from MO/WMO seat like at 10th of a month immediately without a notice then you have to submit 1 month salary along with your resignation.

The reason behind this is gov will give you pay of that month whether u resign on 2nd of that month or 30th of that month. and probably the stoppage of ur salary will take another extra month and u will get they next month pay as well.
What will happen if you do not submit advance pay and quite nonetheless ?
There are two possibilities

1.If your pay is not started yet and you have not been issued with a personal number by account office then nothing will happen the next time you apply for new seat at adhoc .
2. If your pay has been started and you are getting your pay already then next time you try to join any gov sector job (adhoc/contract/permanent) they will ask you to submit that missing pay first and then they will start your next pay.(you have to go to that district account office and clear your bills there)

Reason behind this is the personal number once issued to an NIC remains the same all his life in gov record.

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  1. I have joined DHQ a month ago. And i hope in 2-3weeks i may be appointed in a bhu For which i m not sure, for this i will definately resign at the last moment. so my question is , if i ll get my pay for the month i did my duties? Havnt submitted any documents to accountoffice Yet.

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