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How to get FCPS Residency at Aga Khan Medical University?

Today i will share my experience with you people, which is about the Residency Test of FCPS Part 2 at Aga Khan Medical University Karachi.

How much difficult is Residency Test at Aga Khan University?

Assalam Au Alaikum  everyone, many students think that Residency Test at Aga Khan is too much difficult, but i will tell you that as far as Aga Khan University is concerned, please I request all of you do not think this test as a difficult one, as Aga Khan seems to be a Scary word itself ? . Every one can take this test easily as it is very easy test I must say.

Need Guidance to get Residency at Aga Khan University? 

There is not that much guidance which people share with students, as every one has a fair of failure for him/herself. But i am not included in those people as i believe in my luck, what ever is written there for me i will get that surely.

From which book does the MCQs come in Aga Khan Residency Test? 

Test was totally from one book that is The Dentogist, but remember that was from Clinical Dentogist not from the Basic one. In Aga Khan University you can only apply for operative Dentistry and Orthoontics . I choose operative Dentistry. So it was 90 percent from Operative Dentistry but keep it in mind that in operative Dentistry there are few MCQs which come from fixed Prosthodontics and Periodontology as well. So you have to do Dentogist properly.

Dentogist MCQs in Dentistry Clinical Sciences


Bhatia’S Dentogist MCQS in Dentistry with Explanatory Answers- Basic Sciences

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Is there any Negative Marking in Residency Test?

There is negative marking in this section too, which is 0.25 . So you should be careful about that 0.25 marks deduction for each wrong MCQ. In English section there is no negative markings.

Time for Test: 

Time for the test is three 3 clock hours .Time management is very important. You can score well if you give proper time to both sections .

Can you take test before FCPS Part 1 exam?

Yes,  this test can be taken before FCPS Part 1 as well, because if you clear your Part 1 after this test up till December, they can select you. So people think that whether to take test before or after FCPS Part 1, i must say that it is worth taking test before part 1. You will not waste your time as they wait for you till December .

So try to be confident and take your test with good preparation from Dentogist. All the very best ?

Updates regarding Preparation: 

“According to some candidates who took their exams for getting residency, this test is unpredictable, some times there are negative markings and some times not. Not to completely rely completely on Dentogist or specific MCQs books, you should study your text books as well.”

So be on the safe side and have prep from MCQs Books as well as from Text Books.

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