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How to Clear USMLE Step 1?

Required sources to ace USMLE step 1


  • Max: 6 or 8 hrs
  • Average: 4 hrs
  • Minimum: 1 hr


Kaplan Series:

2014 is the recommended version, but for Pharma use 2010 version and for pathology use Pathoma videos.

  • Kaplan High Yield
  • DIT

Fundamentals of Pathology by Hussain A. Sattar


USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 


Watch the videos and make your notes then refer to First Aid to read the topic carefully and add these notes.

  • Microbiology:
    First Aid.
  • Physiology:
    Kaplan Book and then read each chapter from First Aid to know the most high yield points in Kaplan book.
  • Pharmacology:
    First Aid, but do general pharma from Kaplan book.
  • Biochemistry:
    Kaplan Book
  • Pathology:
    Pathoma Videos and Book, and read FA after each chapter. NB: add diseases (that present only in pathoma)
    to FA, and on revision from FA refer to pthoma to revise these
  • Neuro Science:
    Kaplan Book. high yield is good but is loaded with too much useless information.
  • Immunity:
    First Aid. Kaplan book if u want to understand something deeply.
  • Genetics:
    First Aid + (diagnostic technics in genetics) which are the Last 3 chapters in Kaplan.
  • Anatomy:
    First Aid + Anatomy Shelf notes book
  • Embryology:
  • Behavioral Sciences:

First Aid
2-Epidemiology, statistics and Ethics:
Kaplan Book

Q Banks:

1-USMLE RX: after finishing each subject
2-Kaplan Q bank: after finishing
3-U World: after finishing
4-100 case of Conrad Fisher for Ethics

How to use Q banks?

  • Read the question then choose, after that estimate your answer
    whether it is correct or wrong.
  • Read the explanation of correct answers carefully.
  • While explanation of wrong answers: during USMLE Rx it is not important to read. Kaplan Q bank and U World read these explanation to collect more information.
  • At the end of explanations there is something called educational objective, read it carefully and add this information to FA.
  • Mark each point in FA that u was asked about in Q banks, for example: you have a question about tumor markers of colorecatal carcinoma, refer to FA and mark this information.
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  • 10 to 12 Months

Self Assessment:

  • Online NBMEs
  • Finish your study and USMLE Rx, then Kaplan Q Bank, then NBME. After that do U World and finally NBME.
    after doing 1st NBME, you will get a report that shows your weak points, do U World and master your weak points. after finishing U World do the second NBME.
  • if u get a good score in the 2nd NBME do ur real test.
  • But if you got a low score reschedule ur exam date and master U World for the second time, finally do the 3rd NBME.

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June 29,2017
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