How to clear FCPS Part 1 Dentistry? Experience shared by Dr. Sundas Munir for April 2019 Attempt

By the grace of Allah I have cleared fcps part 1 here are few advices and details about books which you should study. Fiirst and most impotant thing is trust ALLAH and study smart.

Books that should be studied :

PHYSIOLOGY: All chapters from brs physio along with rabia ali topic wise mcqs.Also from frst aid organ systems physiology.

PATHOLOGY: General patho-First 8 chapters from brs patho plus first aid general pathology and mcqs from rabia ali

Special patho: first aid plus rabia ali mcqs

ANATOMY: Short snell plus rabia ali mcqs for head and neck. For thorax portion do theory as well as mcqs from rabia ali.

NEUROANATOMY: Dr najeeb lectures plus rabia ali mcqs

HISTOLOGY: NBDE plus rabia ali mcqs

EMBRYOLOGY: High yield plus embryo at start of every organ system chapter in first aid and mcqs from rabia ali. Important tables from frst aid give them a read as many times as u can.

BIOCHEMISTRY: First aid biochemistry portion plus rabia ali mcqs

PHARMACOLOGY : general from first aid and also from frst aid every organ system pharma and rabia ali pharma mcqs v v imp

MICROBIOLOGY: FIRST AID / SK VOLUME 1 and rabia ali mcqs

DENTAL MATERIALS: Must give a read to dm book macabe or terse short book because dm theory is important for paper Mcqs from dentogist and vj dm portion.. no need to buy seperate book for it present in soft form and also in jk book.

ORAL PATHOLOGY/ORAL BIOLOGY: NBDE and mcqs from dentogist plus jk

JK book is very important do it as many tmes as u can atleast 3 to 4 times.jk mcqs should be on finger tips.
Asim & shoaib mcqs very important present in paper as copy paste. Better to follow its key.
Rabia ali pharma portion must be revised in last days. For revision sk volume 1 is good book
Daily give 1 hour to read tanveer notes don’t search for details about the points or any errata just give it a read daily it will help u a lot.
For controversial mcqs search ans in fb group and also do wahab siyappa sessions and other important files shared in fb group by waqar younis and khalid iqbal. Best of luck

Remember me in your prayers sundas munir. 🙂

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