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FCPS Guidelines

Guidelines for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry September 2018 by Dr. Amna Tahir

Everyone was asking me about the books nd stuff
ek baat USMLE FIRST AID uthaty bethy sotay jatay khaty peetay apny pass rakhen …
I started my preparation right after my house job ended in march
It wasnt really hard for me to start because i was determined nd i waited for this day for so long .

I started preparation in first week of april

  • Physio brs + dr . najeed lects ( only for the topics which i couldnt understand by mere reading ) —> dont forget to give read to first aid USMLE i gave one month to physiology nd rabia ali mcqs sath sath
  • Then i did General patho from brs pathology nd same gave read to topics in first USMLE gave it a week first 8 chapter from brs pathology one chapter daily nd rabia ali sath sath
  • Micro i did from FIRST AID USMLE twiceee nd rabia ali sath sath
  • Pharma from first AID nd first two chapter from kaplan nd rabia ali sath sath plus asim shoaib all three series
  • Did Special Patho (blood ,cvs ,git ,endo , liver nd few things from respiration from first aid USMLE ) rabia aali sath sath
  • Then i did Anatomy from snell nd for a few things from bd like course of nerves nd vessles along with rabia ali mcqs nd embryo from high yeild first four chaptrs nd histo table of epithelium
  • i did Neuro anatomy part from FIRST AID USMLE nd almost revised it three to four times
  • Biochem from USMLE FIRST AID nd this time there were alot of mcqs from biochem
  • Dentistry mcqs vijay pratab nd dentogist
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For mcqs i did rabia ali —> twice but at the end couldnot find time to revise nd luckily there were not much mcqs repeated from rabia ali
Asim and shoaib —> all three series but at the end i only revised dentistry series
jhangir khan i must say it is a very good book nd musttttttt do it
i followed sk pearls as well

I followed all the groups nd i used to searc mcqs i used to search each and every option of that mcq nd for every option i used to give read to entire topic so i can actually retain the minor differences between each option

plus uthty bethy apny leay aur apny sath jo jo b de raha un k leay dua karen
sab c Duain lain …
be persistent problems ati jati rehti hyn but if u r persistent u can do it
Do it because no one else will ever come and do it for you .
Dua karen bht dua karen bhtt ziada dua karen 
jitna ro k apny leay u ask ALLAH istara dosrun k leay b mangen 
baqi kamyabi ALLAH k hath mei hy aur ALLAH PAK he detay hayn

Nd ALHAMDULILLAH my Part 1 result is for all those who think graduates of private institutes can never progress in life

nd jinka nhi hoa wo b kr leain gy INSHALLAHmy prayers are with all of them …

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