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How to obtain MOH License for GP Doctors?

How to obtain MOH License for GP Doctors?

Disclaimer :Following document has been compiled on the basis of experience and information from different
sources to enable the new applicants to have an idea of the process. Only MOH is the final authority for any
information/confirmation. Preparer does not take any responsibility for any change or deviation in the process
determined by MOH. This is just for sake of guidance on the basis of personal experience.

Qualification & Experience :

Follow the link for detail

Qualification and experience must meet the minimum criteria set by MOH which is as follows;

 The minimum requirement to be qualified for the exam is basic medicine degree from a
recognized university or college.
(Note: All the certificates for GP doctors must be granted by a universities recognized by the WHO listing)
 The internship and experience should not be less than (3) years in total
(one year internship/House Job + two years’ experience after internship).
 GPs who have done Masters’ Degree directly or/and not have completed 3 years’ experience
will be considered as Specialist “B” ONLY. {(Part I, Part II …etc) of any Degrees are not accepted}.
 Applicants must hold a valid License/Registration to practice in their home country (e.g. PMDC
registration for Pakistanis )

Discontinuity of Practice:

(Same link mentioned above will give you this information too)

Applicant should not have more than two (2) years of discontinued Practice. If that is the case then must
follow CME and training requirements as below to get the eligibility for license application :

  • All CME credits must be related to practice specialty of the healthcare professional, and
    according to the CME/CPD specific requirements of the Authorities.
  • All applicants are required to complete a clinical training program which shall be determined by
    the relevant Regulatory Authority in the specialty field.
  • All clinical training programs shall be carried out in an approved practice setting by the
  • All applicants after completion of CME/CPD credits and clinical training program are required to
    pass the Authorities licensure assessment to obtain the license to practice
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Documents attestation and Authentication:

All Qualifications and experience certificates must be legally translated (if language of certificate is other
than English/ Arabic)
All documents must be attested and authenticated with approved seals from:
a) the Ministry of Foreign Affair in the country where the certificate has issued
b) UAE embassy/Council in your home country
c) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

Documents to be attested are as follows:

1. MBBS Certificate.
2. House Job Certificates.
3. Experience Certificates.
4. Good Standing Certificate issued by PMDC (valid for 6 months from date of issue)
5. PMDC Registration Certificate.

Note: Anyone who has changed name from the one mentioned on certificates, has to provide the valid legal
document mentioning that the old name has been changed to new name. For example, application copy
submitted to NADRA for change of Name, or letter from NADRA (To whom it may concern) stating the old Name
and new name and certifying that name has been changed.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOF) will require attestation of documents from various authorities before
they can attest it.

Following is the procedure to be adopted by Doctors from Pakistan:


HEC Attestation:
For attestation from HEC visit the following website. Follow the instructions to fill the online form and
get it attested directly from HEC or get it done through OCS Courier (the authorized courier for
attestation from HEC)

URL: www.ocs.com.pk
UAN: 111-202-202

Attestation from “Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & coordination”

Please make sure the experience certificates/House Job Certificate/ Internship certificates must have
Reference/Sr.No. MNHSRC will not attest without these Reference Number on each certificate.

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Attestation from UAE Embassy in Pakistan:

Requirements for UAE embassy attestation
1. NIC card copy + original
2. Passport copy
3. The original degree/ Certificates
4. Nikahnama(translated in to English/Arabic) if you are married

Authorized Agents for UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan
1. Sasha International
2. UPS

Application filling Procedure MOH

Register on the evaluation electronic system through MOH website www.moh.gov.ae
Applicants user Guide can be downloaded from the following link

Note: If someone is facing problem in processing application online and making payments for
evaluation, he/she can visit OneTime office located on different places ( in MOH office also), they will
process the application and will make payment against it after charging you a fee.

Primary Source Verification (Data flow group)

After successful processing of application, your case will be audited by MOH. Once approved by
Dataflow auditor your status of application will be updated on your portal for application and MOH will
send you the confirmation by email with link to Data flow website.
Dataflow once received your application from MOH will contact you by email confirming that your case
has been forwarded to them for verification with link to website where you have to go and make the
payment so that they can proceed with the verification.
Upon completing the verification process Dataflow will communicate the result to MOH and your
application status will be updated as PSV done.


After PSV completion, MOH authorized personal will update your status to examination to be held. A
confirmation email will be received by you from MOH with link to Prometric website. You will be
informed of the period within which you have to appear for exam.
You have to follow the link of Prometric with login and password provided by MOH to Prometric, where
you will fill in the form and make the payment. You can select location and date of exam.
Exam result will be updated by Prometric on your MOH application portal.
And finally you will receive Evaluation certificate which will be uploaded by MOH on your application

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