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1. Most common pattern fingerprint is
a. Whorls
b. Loops
c. Composite
d. Arches

2. pH of seminal fluid is
a. 6
b. 7
c. 7.4
d. 8.2

3. Poroscopy is
a. Counting pores of sweat glands only
b. Counting pores of both sweat and sebaceous glands
c. Counting number of ridges
d. Counting number of ridges and sweat glands

4. Tattoo marks destroyed, their presence can be inferred from presence of pigment in
a. Deep dermis
b. Subcutaneous tissue
c. Lymph nodes Regional
d. Underlying Muscle

5. Bluish discolouration of neck of tooth due to
a. Cyanosis
b. Bismuth
c. Copper
d. Nicotine

6. Suspected air embolism, body cavity to be opened first is
a. Brain
b. Thorax
c. Abdomen
d. Pelvis

7. “Under taker’s fracture” due to falling of head (Backward) occurs at
a. L5-S1
b. T12-L1
c. C6-C7
d. C1-C2

8. Most fixed part of intestine is
a. Duodenum
b. Jejunum
c. Colon
d. Ileum

9. After death blood usually remains fluid except in
a. Pneumonia
b. Septicemia
c. CO poisoning
d. Hypofibrinogenemia

10. “Nutmeg liver” refers to
a. Amoebic hepatitis
b. Pyogenic abscess
c. Chronic venous congestion
d. Portal cirrhosis

11. Child brain attains mature size and weight at about
a. 3 yrs
b. 5 yrs
c. 7 yrs
d. 9 yrs

12. Radiological signs of fetal death includes all except ?
a. Overlapping of skull bones (Spalding’s sign)
b. Hyperextension of spine
c. Collapse of spinal column
d. Gas in aorta

13. For transplantation cornea can be removed from dead upto
a. 6 hrs
b. 12 hrs
c. 18 hrs
d. 24 hrs

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14. Exhumation done under order by
a. Police officer
b. Superintendent police
c. First class magistrate

15. Diagnosis of brain death dependent upon all except
a. Dilated/fixed pupil
b. No spontaneous breathing
c. Flat EEG
d. Cessation of cardiac contraction.

16. After stoppage of circulation muscles can live up to
a. 10 mts
b. 30 mts
c. 3 hrs
d. 6 hrs

17. Anoxic anoxia produced by all except
a. Drowning
b. Fire accidents
c. Cyanide poisoning
d. Strangulation

18. Tardieu spots in hanging are common at all the following sites except
a. Scalp
b. Eyebrow
c. Chest wall
d. Face

19. Tardieu’s spot
a. Septicemia
b. Endocarditis
c. Meningococcemia
d. All of the above

20. Earliest sign of death is
a. loss of skin elasticity
b. Corneal clouding
c. Cooling of body
d. Postmortem lividity

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