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101. In poisoning with hydrocyanic acid, nitrates are given in order to:
a. Reduce cyanide
b. Induce vasodilatation
c. Produce methaemoglobin
d. Oxidise cyanide

102. After skin contamination, the patient passed into coma with miosis and finally acute nephritis, the poison is:
a. Oxalic acid
b. Nitric acid
c. Hydrocyanic acid
d. Carbolic acid

103. The dose of Na thiosulphate for treatment of cyanide poisoning in children is:
a. 112.5 mg/kg IV over 10-20 min.
b. 412.5 mg/kg IV over 10-20 min
c. 412.5 mg/kg IV over 2 min
d. 412.5 mg/kg IV over 5 min

104. An old traffic policeman in a busy street of Cairo is liable to suffer from:
a.  Spastic gait
b. Tremors
c. Masked face
d. Wrist and ankle drop

105. Blue line in the gingival margin in case of lead poisoning is due to deposition of:
a. Lead chromate
b. Lead sulphide
c. Lead subacetate
d. Lead iodide

106. In iron poisoning, bloody vomiting and diarrhea, massive fluid loss in GIT, renal failure and death occur in:
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
d. Stage 4

107. The specific antidote in case of iron poisoning is:
a. DMSA.
b. Deferoxamine
c. EDTA.
d. Penicillamine

108. Acute toxicity of organophosphates causes:
a. Urine retention
b. Oliguria
c. Urine incontinence
d. Anuria

109. Prolonged prothrombin time occurs in cases of poisoning with:
a. Parathion
b. Warfarin
c. Paraquat
d. Zinc sulphide

110. The second stage of acute acetaminophen toxicity is characterized by:
a. Abnormalities of liver function tests
b. Bleeding tendencies due to coagulation defect
c. Nausea and malaise
d. Right upper quadrant pain and tenderness

111. Which of the following is specific antidote for acute acetaminophen toxicity:
a. BAL
b. Mucomyst

112. Benzodiazepines act on the CNS through the following mechanism:
a. Increasing catecholamines
b. Increasing serotonin
c. Increasing the activity of GABA
d. Decreasing the activity of GABA

113. In case of foodborne botulism, the toxin is:
a. Formed in the duodenum
b. Formed in the colon
c. Formed in the intestine
d. Formed in the canned food before consumption

114. A 4 year old boy accidentally ingested a clear fluid, vomited twice then started to cough with tachypnea, 24 hours later he developed fever of 39 °C due to bronchopneumonia. The possible diagnosis is:
a. Phenol toxicity
b. Kerosene toxicity
c. Ethanol toxicity
d. Methanol toxicity

115. MAcEwen’s sign is a manifestation of massive intake of:
a. Atropine
b. Opium
c. Methanol
d. Ethanol

116. One of the following manifestations is an indication of severe ethanol intoxication:
a. Euphoria and sense of well-being
b. Marked muscular incoordination
c. Increased confidence
d. Aggressive behaviour

117. In case of acute CO poisoning, coma and death with lively red colour occur at a carboxy haemoglobin level of:
a. 10-20%
b. 20-30%
c. 30-40%
d. 50- 60 %

118. Pathological jealousy is diagnostic of:
a. Cocaine intoxication
b. Cannabis intoxication
c. Alcoholic intoxication
d. Tobacco intoxication



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