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61. Most common cause of aneurysm formation
a. Trauma
b. Septic emboli
c. Congenital
d. Syphilitic endarteritis

62. Whiplash is which form of injury
a. Hyper flexion
b. Hyperextension
c. Lateral flexion
d. Atlanto-axial dislocation

63. Blunt abdominal trauma commonest site of GI ruptures is
a. Stomach
b. Duodenum
c. Jejunum
d. Transverse colon

64. In drowning, the epidermis of the hands and feet is separated in the form of gloves and stocking after:
a. 2 minutes
b. 2 hours
c. 2 weeks
d. 2 months

65. Chadwick’s sign is
a. Softening of cervix
b. Increased vaginal mucous secretion
c. Blue colouration of vagina

66. Amount of air necessary to produce fatal air embolism is
a. 20 ml
b. 50 ml
c. 100 ml
d. 250 ml

67. Malignant hyperthermia is a danger with
a. Atropine
b. Succinylcholine
c. Pancuronium

68. Hypothermia is said to exist when Rectal / oral temp less than
a. 35° C
b. 30° C
c. 25° C
d. 20° C

69. Frostbite occurs when continuous exposure to temp. range of
a. – 10° C and below
b. – 2.5° C and below
c. 2 – 4° C
d. 5 – 10° C

70. Frost bite is very common in
a. Lips
b. Nose
c. Cheeks
d. Hair

71. Burn type relatively painless
a. 1st degree
b. 2nd degree
c. 3rd degree

72. Minimum temp to produce burn is
a. 40° C
b. 44° C
c. 50° C
d. 60° C

73. Haemoglobinuria occurs when burnt skin surface exceeds
a. 20 %
b. 30 %
c. 50 %
d. 70 %

74. Scalding is caused when liquid in contact has temperature above
a. 44° C
b. 50° C
c. 60° C
d. 80° C

75. Satyriasis is
a. Excessive inclination for sex
b. Dislike for sex
c. Sexual perversion

76. The most reliable method for personal identification is:
a. Photography
b. Handwriting
c. Anthropometry
d. Dactylography

77. The age of full criminal responsibility is:
a. 7 years
b. 18 years
c. 21 years
d. 30 years

78. A person died from a stab wound in the aorta, in winter. His rectal temperature was 31 °C. The post-mortem interval is:
a. 2 hours
b. 3 hours
c. 4 hours
d. 8 hours

79. The presence of tache noire is suggestive that the time since death is:
a. One hour
b. 2 hours
c. 3 hours
d. 8 hours

80. The last organ to putrefy in the young girls is:
a. Uterus
b. Bladder
c. Ovary
d. Heart

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