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Errata of MCQs Books of FCPS Part 1

Errata of ASIM & SHOAIB (GYNAE & OBS.) [Review and Download]

In this Post we will share Errata of ASIM & SHOAIB (GYNAE & OBS.)
You can read and download it.



3. A requirement for conversion of Glucose-1-Phosphate to Glucose-6-Phosphate
a. ATP
b. NAD+
c. Fructose-1, 6-bisphosphatase
d. Glucose-1, 6-bisphosphatase
e. Phosphoglucose isomerase

14. Removal of some of Carbohydrate bound to serum proteins results in
a. aggregation and precipitation
b. Proteolysis by serum proteases
c. Rapid excretion by kidney
d. Rapid uptake and destruction by the liver
e. Their becoming antigenic

23. In Diabetes
a. conversion of extracellular glucose to intracellular glucose-6-phosphate decreases
b. glucose-6-phosphate activity increases
c. glucose utilization becomes independent of blood glucose concentration
d. glucose-6-phosphate activity decreases
e. glycogen synthesis decreases

24. Concerning pernicious anemia
a. cause by an inadequate intake of vitamin B12
b. caused by inadequate intake of iron
c. The gastric juice of patient is deficient in HCL and pepsin
d. The hemopoietic failure is caused by overproduction of a specific glycoprotein
e. Vitamin B12 is identified with intrinsic factor

Gynae & Obs
15. 42 year old para 3 reported with heavy cyclic vaginal bleeding for the last 6 months. Her clinical
examination was unremarkable. She had a recent D&C Histopathology showed early secretory phase
endometrium. What is the best standard first line of treatment
a. Anti-fibinolytic agents
b. Gn Rh analogeus
c. Mefenamic acid
d. Danazol
e. norethisterone

20. Hormones or substances synthesized by the kidneys include the following except
a. 1, 25 dihydroxycholecalciferol (vit D3)
b. Erythropoietin
c. Kinins
d. Prostaglandins
e. Renin
pg 42

61. Drug not useful in Dysmenorrhea is
a. Aspirin
b. Ibuprofen
c. Naproxen
d. Nevaquin-P
e. Piroxicam

76. During sexual excitement in female, fluids are secreted by vaginal walls mainly due to action of
a. Adrenaline
b. Bombesin
c. GnRH
d. Relaxin
e. VIP

97. Which of the following would be expected to reduce Maternal behavior
a. Hysterectomy
b. Lesions of the mediobasal hypothalamus
c. Lesions of occipital cortex
d. Loss of expression of the gene for fos-B
e. Ovariectomy

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116. The most important physiological buffer in the blood is
a. Acetate Buffer
b. Bicarbonate Buffer
c. Haemoglobin buffer system
d. Phosphate buffer
e. Proteinate Buffer

131. The mean corpuscular volume ‘MCV’ is high in
a. Chronic blood loss
b. iron deficiency
c. pernicious anemia
d. sickle cell anemia
e. tahlasemia

132. First line of defence during bleeding is provided by
a. blood vessels
b. Coagulation inhibitors
c. Coagulation mechanism
d. fibrinolysis
e. platelets

144. The absorption of iron is adversely affected by except
a. Excess of phosphate, oxalates or phytic acid
b. Ingestion with citrus fruits
c. Ingestion with meals
d. Partial gastrectomy
e. The trivalent, Ferric form

146. After two abortions in first trimester patient reported during third pregnancy and is concerned
about the porsibility of recurrence of abortion. Change of recurrence
a. Depends about genetic make up of previous abortions
b. depends upon sex of previous conceptus
c. is more than 50%
d. Is not increased
e. Is upto 50%

222. The highest content of triglyceridies is present in
a. chylomicrons
b. high density lipoproteins
c. intermediate density lipoproteins
d. Low density lipoproteins
e. very low density lipoproteins

244. When a firm stroke with a pointed object is applied on the skin, there is spreading redness (flare)
due to arteriolar dilatation. This response is due to
a. Axon reflex
b. Histamine
c. Kinins
d. Mechanical stimulation
e. Tissue injury

256. Regarding allantois, Following statements are true except that it
a. contributes in development of cloaca
b. Doesn’t function in human embryos
c. Extend from the umbilicus to the urinary bladder
d. is purely endodermal in origin
e. Takes part in blood formation during third to fifth weeks

262. As compare to the male pelvis, the female pelvis has
a. A large pelvic outlet
b. narrow subpubic angle
c. A relatively shallow false pelvis with flaring of the ilia
d. An oval shaped pelvic inlet
e. Larger diagonal conjugate

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274. The sacro iliac joint
a. has less mobility
b. Is a plain variety of synovial joint
c. is covered by psoas and iliacus
d. is innervated by ventral rami S1+S2 and lateral branches of dorsal rami S1+S2
e. Is supported by posterior division of external iliac artery

325. Leptin is a hormone produced from fats cells in the body. Its plasma level is higher in
a. Fasting
b. Increased cortisol secretion
c. Males
d. Obese persons
e. Hypothyroidism

342. Which of the following statements regarding vitamins is correct
a. All coenzymes contain vitamins or are vitamins
b. All vitamins can act as coenzymes
c. All water soluble vitamins act as coenzyme or coenzymes precursosrs
d. Ergosterol is provitamin A
e. Prostaglandins can be derived from fat soluble vitamins

346.Haemorrhagic disease of newborn is caused by the deficiency of vitamin K because
a. mother had malabsorption during pregnancy
b. normally the plasma concentration of vitamin K drops immediately after birth
c. Placenta does not pass the vitamin to the fetus
d. Prothrombin drops too low soon after birth in new born
e. The gut is sterile immediately after birth

347. Which of the Following is not a phospholipid
a. Cephalin
b. Gangliosides
c. Lecithin
d. Lysolecithin
e. Plasminogen

377. Increased urinary excretion of calcium mainly occurs in
a. Hyperparathyroidism
b. hyperthyroidism
c. Magnesium depletion
d. metabolic acidosis
e. Phosphate depletion

385. A 25 year old female presents with a typical chest pain, Dyspnoea on exertion and palpitations.
Clinical examination shows pulse rate 80/min, BP 130/80 mmHg , and a grade II systolic murmur at 4
sternal boder. ECG was normal, Chest X-ray normal. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis
a. Aortic stenosis
b. Atrial septal defect
c. Coarctation of aorta
d. Normal Heart
e. Pulmonary stenosis

412. Meiosis is a type of cell division in which
a. DNA synthesis takes place
b. exchange of genetic material takes place in autosomes
c. one cell give rise to eight spermatozoa
d. take place in somatic cells
e. total number of chromosomes remain the same after the process is complete

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467. Enzymes and co-enzymes are essential to life, each of the following serves as a cofactor for
enzymes except
a. ascorbic acid
b. Biotin
c. Copper
d. Pantothenic acid
e. Zinc

473. The rate of excretion of certain substances in the urine on a 24 hours basis can be used to estimate
the rate of muscle protein loss. Which of the following substances falls into the category
a. 3-Methyl histidine
b. Ammonia
c. None of above
d. Urea
e. Uric acid

522. Pelvic tuberculosis is
a. Most often bovine
b. Post secondary
c. Associated with amenorrhoea
d. precuasor of endometrial cancer
e. Decreasing in Pakistan

599. Premenstural syndrome is characterized by the following
a. Sudden weight loss
b. Lightness in breast
c. Bloating feeling
d. euphoria
e. Nauses, vomiting, backache

606. Essential tuberculosis
a. Can be diagnosed on X-ray
b. Amenorrhea is frequent presentation
c. Tubes are rarely involved
d. can be asymptomatic
e. Usually secondary

624. In cervix
a. Erosion can be symptomatic
b. Polyp is a malignant condition
c. Squamous metaplasia always leads to invasive carcinoma
d. Dyslplasia is a malignant condition
e. Carcinoma in situ is malignant condition

641. Carcinoma cervix is associated with the following
a. Multiparity
b. Nulliparity
c. Diabetes mellitus
d. hypertension
e. promiscuity

704. tubal patency test can be done by
a. Can not be done by laparoscopy
b. Blood test
c. Hysterosalpingography
d. MRI
e. Computerized tomography scan (C.T. Scan)

761. A 22 year old primigravida at 28 weeks of gestation has come for her first antenatal checkup, Scan reveals an intact intra uterine pregnancy. Haematological Investigation reveals a low HB and abnormal red cells. Which single further investigation will you perform at this stage to diagnose the type of anaemia?
a. Absolute values (MCV, MCH, MCHC, PCV)
b. Bone marrow biopsy
c. Hb electrophoresis
d. RBC count
e. Serum iron/ serum ferritin

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