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Errata of MCQs Books of FCPS Part 1

Errata of Rabia Ali (MCQs Book) 4th Edition (Complete) [Review and Download]

In this Post we will share Errata of MCQs Book of FCPS Part 1 by Rabia Ali, it is errata of 4th Edition. You can read and download it.

Rabia Ali errata by Fazli Rashid. (4th edition)


Dear Doctors,

Please note that this Errata is in addition to the one already made by Dr.Amara Iftikhar. So I have also included Dr.Amara’s Errata in this file at the end. I have tried my best to answer all the questions with wrong keys, but still there may be some questions that needs to be corrected.





  1. C (Nerve lies just behind the lower border of the rib)
  2. B (VAN from above downwards, Ref Rj last)
  3. key correct. (For adults its b/w 2nd and 3rd)
  4. Add Right ventricle (Correct option missing)
  5. C (A is wrong coz bronchopulmonary segment is not .               functional unit of lung, Functional unit is alveolar sac)
  6. B
  7. A (All others are attached to 12th rib, Ref RJ last.)



Upper limb

  1. C true (Its cpsp key, In golden file CPSP demo Qs key is Musculocutaneous which is wrong)
  2. D (Cephalic vein continues as axillary vein, it does not drain        into axillary vein. and it starts from dorsal surface)
  3. D ( Ref Netter)
  4. C (Ref. Snell)
  5. D (Tip of scapula lies at level with the spine of T7 and body of T8, i.e T7 spine = T8 body, here T8 is correct Ref. Snell)


Lower limb   

  1. All wrong. Look for option E, If not then follow key.
  2. B

Neck of femur= Medial and lateral circumflex

Head of femur in adults= Retinacular > medial and lateral circumflex

Head of femur in children= Obturator artery

Head of Humerus= Arcuate > Anterior circumflex humoral

Neck of humerous= Posterior circumflex humoral

  1. B (Nerve is not among the contents of femoral sheath)



  1. C > A
  2. Arcuate line is also called linea semicircularis
  3. A (B is wrong, Ref RJ last and Netter)
  4. Correct answer is,

“Supraduodenal, Retroduodenal, Paraduodenal” (Ref. Rj last)

  1. B (Right Gastroepiploic > Right Gastric)
  2. 127. Inferior Vena cava (Add option E. i.e IVC)
  3. E
  4. A (C is clearly wrong, Ref RJ last and Netter)
  5. A (Ref Netter. U can see the ascending branch anterior to right kidney. Bile duct is medial, not anterior, and there is no intraduodenal bile duct, its ampulla of vater which is intraduodenal)
  6. B
  7. All wrong, Click option E
  8. B (Splenic artery is not an end artery, its branches inside the spleen are end arteries.)
  9. B
  10. D (If splenic artery is blocked by the tumor then Short gastric arteries will receive blood from Left gastoepiploic, which will receive blood from Right gastroepiploic, a branch of Gastroduodenal artery. Pancreatica magna is the last one in series, moreover it can be directly affected by the tumor)


Pelvis and Perineum  

  1. D (It covers testes and part of epididymus, so A is wrong)
  2. B (Its just like the MCQ which asks about the site of urine accumulation in rupture of penile urethra. Here its Blood which will go to scrotum and perenial region)
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Head and Neck 

  1. C (See dermatomes in Netter. Ans should be C3 C4. Here optoin C is most appropriate)
  2. D Ref. Last
  3. Add Superior oblique. Trochlear nerve supplies contralateral S.O
  4. D (Bells palsy is idiopathic.There is no lesion in Bell’s palsy. If there is lesion then its not Bell’s)
  5. 107. Typing mistake. Option C and D are similar. Correct option is “Posterior to RLN and cranial to ITA”
  6. A (Posterior Cricoarytenoid is the only abductor of vocal cord/ ligament and is the most important muscle of the body)
  7. C (Internal jugular is lateral to carotid artery)
  8. None of the above. (Cervical part of internal carotid has no branches)
  9. E (Ref Netter and RJ last)
  10. D All others are true
  11. Chorda tympani > Lesser petrosal
  12. B,
  13. E (C is wrong coz sternocleidomastoid is covered by investing layer of Deep cervical fascia)


Back and Vertebral column        

  1. B



  1. B (Prolactinoma may extend posteriorly and damage posterior part of optic chiasm and adjoining area of optic tract leading to homnymous heminopia plus defect depending upon the part of optic chiasm that is invloved. Ref. A big article on Google. Dont waste ur time searching for it)
  2. A
  3. D Ref. First Aid (Diagram)
  4. 244. Add Dorsal Nucleus
  5. Add Sensory ataxia



  1. Correct sequence is “Renal artery > Segmental > interlobar > Arcuate > Interlobular > Afferent > Golmerulus > Efferent.”
  2. A (E wrong, Once monocytes leave the circulation, they can never re-enter)
  3. E (A wrong, Brush border contains antibodies which protects epithelium. If epithelium is damaged, digestion will be impaired)
  4. D


  1. D (A is wrong, Notochord does not form neural tube, it induces the overlying ectoderm to form neural tube)
  2. C
  3. C




Cell and General

  1. B CPSP key

Nerve and Muscle

  1. B (key correct)
  2. A (CPSP)
  3. E (RMP Maintenance by Na/K pump. Achieved by K efflux)


  1. D
  2. A (key correct, Inheritance is autosomal dominant)
  3. B (Indirect Coomb’s test)



  1. A
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B (If HR is incresed it will allow less time for ventricles to fill with blood, as a result EDV will be decreased)
  5. Increased pulmonary Vessel compliance. During deep inspiration venous return to right heart increases while to the left heart it decreases. CO decreases as a result of dec venous return to left heart.
  6. A (Ref Ganong. Peripheral chemoreceptors respond to inc H+ and dec O2. Central chemorecptors respond to inc CO2 indirectly via increasing interstitial fluid H+.)
  7. 201. Decreased vasomotor tone (Patient has taken alpha blockers which decreases vasomotor tone leading to reflex tachycardia). D is wrong coz Increased vasomotor tone does not increase HR, Increased sympatheteic does. Another point to remember is that Barorecptors increases firing rate in hypERtension, and dec in hypotension. Inc firing rate will dec HR.



  1. D (Tactile 2 point discrimination = Merkel’s disc, 2 point discrimination = Messiner’s corpuscle)
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B (Key correct)
  5. A (Golgi tendons are present at the “junction of muscle fibers and tendons”. E is wrong coz its statement is correct.i.e It has a high threshold. It is stimulated only at high pressure)
  6. A
  7. B (15% people are Left handed. among them 8% are left hemisphere dominant and 7% r right hemisphere dominant.)
  8. D Semicircular canals = angular acceleration.
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Utricle = linear acceleration

Saccule = vertical acceleration



  1. Key correct
  2. C (Some say Its D, as the main disturbance is insulin defeciency)
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B (TSH have no Iodine)
  6. C ( Here Thyroid hormones are in excess. TRH is low coz of negative feedback and so TSH is also low. If u give TRH, TSH will increase which will further increase thyroid hormones. So primary problem is in thyroid gland.)
  7. B
  8. A (Oxytocin increases intramammary pressure by inducing contraction of the myoepithelial cells and thus aids in the secretion of milk from the mammary glands. Ref…ncbi.com

Oxytocin does not directly cause dilation of cervix)



  1. B
  2. B


  1. A (Pernicious is wrong coz the cause of perniciuos anemia is autoimmune destruction of Gastric parietal cells, not gastrectomy. Ref Ganong. If B12 def in options then thats correct. but thats another MCQ. Here Iron defeciency is correct.)
  2. B (Bile salts will be reabsorbed from the remaining ileum.)
  3. B key correct



  1. B
  2. D



  1. B (If perfusion > ventilation then Shunt is correct)
  2. C (In anemia total O2 content is decreased but PO2 is normal so there is no effect on Respiratiory rate and alveolar ventilation. Ref. First Aid)
  3. A (Normally Alveolar PO2 is less than Atmospheric PO2 because O2 from alveoli diffuse into pulmonry cappilaries. In embolism there is no blood in cappilaries leading to decreased diffusion of O2 from alveoli to cappilaries and so Inc Alveolar PO2 level. Pulmonary artery CO2 may be decreased in early stages of pulmonary embolism, Coz of high ventilation as CO2 can more easily diffuse as compared to O2)
  4. Add “High altitude” (Asim and Shoaib)
  5. C


Kidney and body fluids

  1. B (Ref WHO criteria “A handbook of fluid resuciation”……….. 3 times normal saline or 3 times R/L. e.g If 1 litre blood is lost it should be replaced by 3 litres N/S or R/L)
  2. A (Urea is readily diffusable, so there is no defference between plasma levels and glomerular filtrate)
  3. D (hydrostatic pressure has nothing to do with permeability)
  4. Glomerulus (Its a scenario of glemerulonephritis)
  5. A (Pancreatic fistula will lead to loss of HCO3 to the small intestine, and will lead to metabolic acidosis. Chronic hypoventilation will lead to respiratory acidosis causing compensatory metabolic alkalosis)


Metabolism, temperature

  1. C (Brain can also use ketone bodies)




Cell injury

  1. D (Myelin figures are present in both reversible and irreversible injury. Ref. Robbin. Mitochondrial shrinkage is NOT associated with irreversible injury, You will never see mitochondrial shrinkage in any book. It ocurrs in apoptosis) D is chandkian key too.
  2. 9. Same as Q# 2
  3. D (Ref. Atlas of histopathology)
  4. D (Dry Gangrene. TB is caseous necrosis)
  5. C
  6. Giant cells (Foreign body granuloma. Ref Goljan)
  7. D



  1. C
  2. D
  3. C (Thrombosis is not a part of inflammation. A is wrong coz AA metabolites are potent chemoattractants. Ref BRS)
  4. A (The first response to injury is local vasoconstriction which is mediated by serotonin)
  5. Both B and D (Ref, Goljan. follow key)


Hemodynamic Disorders

  1. B (C wrong coz its a scenario of venous thrombosis and endothelial injury does not ocurr in venous thrombosis, Venous thrombosis = Endothelial injury and hypercoaguability  Ref. Goljan)
  2. D
  3. D Ref. FA
  4. B (ANA is non specific but vasculitis is much more non specefic)
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Immune system

  1. D
  2. D
  3. E (“Hairy leukoplakia” is associated with AIDS and is caused by EBV but the term “leukoplakia” means Idiopathic white patches. the word idiopathic differentiates it from hairy leukoplakia. i.e Hairy leukoplakia is not a form of Leukoplakia. AIDS is associated with Squamous cell Ca of Anus, so SCC is wrong)
  4. A (Selective IgA defeciency)


  1. A

Tissue and wound repair

  1. A (Mature scar contains more collagen type 1 and cross linked collagen)
  2. A (Ref. Robbin and FA.) During healing Collagen type 3 appears which is then replaced by Collagen type 1. Type 1 has more tensile strength. Remember that wound healing lasts for months. After 3rd week or so, collagen type 1 starts appearing in the scar.
  3. A ( RBCs can never reproduce coz they lack nucleus, 0% chance. however they can regenerate from bone marrow. Neurons, skeletal muscle and smooth muscles reproduce in tumors e.g Neuroma, Rhambdomyoma, Leimyoma respectively. Neurons can regenarate but cannot reproduce)


Special pathology


  1. D
  2. D (PGI2 is platelet inhibitor. Ref BRS)
  3. D



  1. C (tamponade = 3 to 14 days post MI)
  2. C (LDH starts rising after 24 hours)
  3. D All others are 100% true about PDA. ECG is often normal. It may be (Not usually) abnormal.
  4. C



  1. All wrong. Click option E ( In achalasia cardia there is dec number of ganglion cells of myenteric plexus, not of vagus.)
  2. A (Primary carcinoid tumors of lung produces carcinoid syndrome without mets to liver. Ref Robbins) B is wrong coz its statement is true. i.e Carcinoid tumors may be primarily present in lungs. The word “primarily” here means Primary tumors.
  3. C


  1. B (Characteristic diagnostic feature is Non caseating granuloma, Ref. Robbins. Asteroid bodies are sometimes present but they are not diagnostic)
  2. C
  3. A



  1. B (Nephritic = Salt retention. Nephrotic= Hypoalbuminemia)
  2. B (Smoking > Aromatic amines)
  3. A
  4. B (If dec capillary oncotic pressure is in options, click it)


Bone and Soft tissue

  1. C
  2. C (if leukocyte more than 50,000 its septic arthritis. Ref Kaplan medicine)
  3. C



  1. C



  1. A


  1. B


  1. C (C.tetani secrete tetanus toxin, which is exotoxin)
  2. E
  3. D (Acellular vaccine does not prevent infection. Ref. Google)
  4. A (Toxin goes up along the nerve i.e Ascending. Ref Google)
  5. B (This test primarily detects patient’s sensitivity to TB) A is wrong coz it can also be positive in present infection.
  6. B (Ref MRS Microbiology)



  1. B
  2. A
  3. C (Beta blockers worsen vasospastic angina)
  4. A
  5. A
  6. E (Vancomycin kills Clostridium difficiles and is used in the treatment of pseudomembranous colitis Ref MRS micro..)
  7. B
  8. A
  9. B



  1. E
  2. C (Human liver can make its own carbohydrates from lipids and proteins via gluconeogenesis. While it cannot make essential aminoacids and fatty acids)
  3. A (Histamine is amide, Its not amino acid. GABA is considered amino acid by non medical professionals)



  1. D (Euphoria= A feeling of well being or elation. ref. English dictionary definition)

—————————–By Fazli Rashid——————————-

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