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The First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation Stent

The First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation Stent

The first dedicated coronary bifurcation stent was introduced in the United States in 2005, and is called the Axxess Plus. It is a nickel-titanium stent with a conically shaped coating. This stent elutes drug from the artery in the level of the carina. Axcess Plus is designed to be a low-risk, high-frequency stent, and has a rapid-exchange delivery system.

The First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation (AB) Stent is a stent made to treat lesions in the large side branches of the coronary artery. It is also the first dedicated stent to receive FDA pre-market approval. This stent treats an unmet need in coronary interventions. The stent is coated with a biodegradable polymer made from lactic acid.

A randomized trial demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation stent concluded that the stent was safe and effective for most patients. In the same study, the stent was compared to a provisional stent, which tended to fail within the first few months of use. The result was the establishment of the bifurcation stent.

The European Society of Cardiology approved the first Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation Stend. The stent has been studied in a number of clinical trials, with a majority of the patients achieving an excellent outcome. However, the first Dedicated Coronary Bifurcating Stent, the Axis-II stent, was released in 2006. The Axis IX-II is a multi-functional device that is designed to prevent a single-vessel coronary artery.

A devoted coronary bifurcation stent is designed for the treatment of significant coronary lesions. Although this stent is often used to treat a stent, it can be difficult to use for patients with large-volume arteries. It is an implanted stent with an additional stent for the large side branch. This stent is intended to treat a patient with a single-vessel stent.

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The First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation stent is an important step toward a more successful treatment. It addresses the problem that a stent has a non-dedicated stent that covers only one branch of the heart. The stent is intended to prevent the side branch stent from blocking the artery. This stent is intended to be a better choice for patients who have a complex lesion.

The first dedicated coronary stent was introduced in the U.S., and it is the newest of its kind. Despite its low-tech design, it is not a complicated procedure. Unlike other devices, this stent is self-expanding and has a conical shape. This stent is not only an advanced stent but also a new development in vascular intervention.

The first Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation stents are slotted-tube cobalt-chromium stents with a unique geometry. The stents are designed to treat the side branch of the coronary artery. The stent is a patented cobalt-chromium balloon-expandable stent. It is made in the U.S., and is the world’s only stent to address the problem of bifurcation.

The First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation stent is the product of Triereme. It is the result of several years of research. The company has successfully developed a stent with a unique shape, which has been able to be deployed in a branch vessel. This stent is not only a stent, but it also has the capacity to treat side branch lesions.

The company has developed the First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation stent. It is a nickel-titanium-titanium-cobalt-titanium stent. It is the only stent designed specifically for the treatment of this lesion. It is positioned at the level of the carina, a specialized branch of the heart.

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The company developed the First Dedicated Coronary Bifurcation stent. It is a stent for the vascular system in the pulmonary artery. It is a cobalt-chromium balloon expandable stent with specific geometry. It is designed to be implanted in the SB of the coronary artery. Its stent is a two-wire stent.

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