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DHA Past Papers

Past Paper of DHA Exam (MCQs)

DHA Exam

In this post we will share Past Papers of DHA Exam in MCQ Format.


We will share here few MCQs after these MCQs link will be shared where you will be able to Download complete PDF.

You are seeing a 45-year-old obese diabetic woman who reports bilateral lower
extremity peripheral edema. In addition to diabetes, she has arthritis,

1: Hypertension, and depression. Which of the following medications is the likely cause of her edema?
a. Fluoxetine
b. Metformin
c. Naproxen
d. Lisinopril
e. Hydrochlorothiazide

2: On a routine urinalysis, a 30-year-old man was found to have hematuria. His urinalysis
is negative for casts and protein, but is positive for moderate blood. His urine culture is negative. IV pyelogram and serum creatinine are both normal and you send
urine cytology just to be safe. It is also normal. Which of the following is
most appropriate in this case?
a. Reassurance and periodic monitoring
b. Renal ultrasound
c. Cystoscopy
d. ASO titer
e. Renal biopsy

3: A 44-year-old mother of two reports leakage of a small amount of urine with sneezing.
Recently, it began to occur with exercise. She denies recent life stressors. Which of the following best describes the type of incontinence she is experiencing?
a. Functional incontinence
b. Senile incontinence
c. Urge incontinence
d. Stress incontinence
e. Overflow incontinence

4: A 55-year-old man comes to your office after not being seen by a physician in more
than 10 years. He is found to be hypertensive, and his creatinine is found to be 2.3 mg/dL (H). Which medication is most likely to control his blood pressure and
decrease the likelihood of progression of his renal disease?
a. A thiazide diuretic
b. An ACE inhibitor
c. A calcium channel blocker
d. A β-blocker
e. An aldosterone antagonist

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5: A patient whos hospitalized after a major operation , he developed a small pulmonary
embolism that was confirmed by pulmonary CT , what is the best drug to give :
a- Heparin
b– Warfarin
c- Streptokinase
d– Aspirin

6: A boy who is 11 years old doing well , no complain , participates well in activities
, he has an older brother who died suddenly , which disease the doctor should
predict among these diseases in the future :
b –ASD
c -Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
d –VSA

7: A Leukemic patient who is on chemotherapy has nausea and vomiting the best
drug to give is.
a –Ondoseteron
b -Granisetron

8: The most appropriate initial treatment to a child with spontaneous epistaxis :
a- Press the anterior inferior part of nose and lean the head forward
b- Press the anterior inferior part of nose and lean the head backward
c- Suture and ligature
d- Cool down temperature

9: 18 old pt wake up with sever rt pleural pain and mild dyspnea on exertion…vitals are
stable, no significant pasr medical Hx (X-ray is attached to the Question showing slight decrease in pulmonary markers of left lower side of Rt lung)
Your action is:
a- Explain to the pt that this is due to viral pleurisy
b- Refer the pt for urgent ventilation perfusion scan
c-order urgent ABGs
d-need oxygen supplementation

10: An old pt came to your clinic to complain for a macule on his back …o/e….irregular
borders ,asymmetric ,more than .7mm,brown-black colour..what the diagnoses
a-squamous cell ca
b-basal cell ca
d-sebaceous cyst

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