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DHA Past Papers

DHA/HAAD/MOH Exam Questions (MCQs) Set 1


● Which of the followin medications is safe in stable 3rd stage kidney
A. Metformin
B. Warfarin
C. Nitrofurantoin
Answer is: B

● What is the mechanism of action of metformin in pcos patients
A. Antagonise testosterone
B. Lowers insulin resistance
Answer is: B

● Pt came with dysphagia for liquid only and chest pain which is
highest diagnostic value
A. barium swallowing
B. manometry
C. endoscope
Answer is: B
# WTB isolation form: airborn
# smoking increase MI riks by 2

● pt the victim on chest truma with rasied JVP BP 80/50 normal air
entry bilateral what’s Dx:
A. cardiac temponade
Answer is:A


Pt with hypertriglyceridemia came epigasttic pain radiated to back,
hemodynamicaly unstable and other syx, ct show dilated lobe in left
hypockondrium,lap show: lapase and amylase within normal range
A. pancritits (my answer)
B. pergorated ulcer
C. lower lobe pneumonia
Answer is:A
NB:Why would pancreatitis presents with normal lipase and amylase?
Because enzymes sensitivity can be *reduced by*:
-late presentation
-chronic alcoholism

● pt with pelvic pain and ct shows low density adrenal mass lipid rich
what is the treatment:
A. lap adrenalectomy
Answer is:A
NB:Lipid rich typically in benign adenoma
Since it’s symptomatic resection is indicated

● 15 years old pt going to surgery what to do:
A. both assent from pt and consent from parent.
Answer is:A

● surgeon operate on rt kidney and resident think lt kidney:
A. inform surgeon
Answer is:A

● drowsy despeic child victim on chest trauma with trachea shift to
left decrease breath sound hypotension raised JVP what’s Dx:
A. tension pneumothorax
Answer is:A

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● post sleeve gastrectomy pt has change bowel habit what’s
A. reassurance
Answer is:A

● surgeon inj CBD during surgery and repair what to do:
A. reassure and tell pt
Answer is:A

● q. after appendicitis pt reoperated due to missed gause inside pt
abdomen what to do:
A. tell and apologize to pt
Answer is: A

● mid shaft femur # with 30 degree anterior angulation what is
A. open reduction and intramedullary fixation??
Answer is: closed reduction

● pt few days post cholecystectomy developed inspiration chest pain,
LUQ pain and tenderness with dull percussion, tem 38 basal
crepitation what is the likely Dx:
A. sup-phrenic abscess
B. lower lobe pneumonia.
Answer is:A


● Child with meningitis signs on examination u found papilledema
What are the parents are afraid of ?
A. Hearing loss
B. Vision loss
Answer is: A

● 18 month pt, presented with repeated vomiting and bilateral breast
enlargements ,x rays shows advanced bone age ,Dx?
A. us of pelvis
B. ct abdomen
C. MRI pf the brain
Answer is: A

● child ingested supplementary medication then developed black
vomiting what is the ingested meds:
A. iron
Answer is: A

● 5 yr old child with undescended testis what to do:
A. orchiepexy
Answer is: A

● minues for children excercise:
A. 60 min
Answer is:A

● 18 aĀe female for stop endocarditis prophylaxis in pt with rheumatic
A. 21 yr
Answer is: if with valvular disease > till age of 40

● pic of Gluteal petechea (HSP) what is the treatment:
A. supporative
Answer is:A

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● child with meninĀitis diplococci waht’s treatment:
A. ceÿtrixone + vaconmycin
Answer is: A

● child had food allergy with neck swelling, dysnea, palpitation,
hypotension, tachycardic what’s treatment:
A. adrenaline
Answer is:A

● child with excessive bleeding after circumcission with high PT and
APTT, normal bleeding time and plt count with ÿactor is deficient:
D. X
Answer is:D


● pregnant with hpotension tachychardia vaginal bleeding what to do
to save her life:
A. multidesciplenary team
Answer is:A
NB:Even if there was blood transfusion, go for multidisciplinary team

● female with bilateral ovarian abscess stable vitals what’s treatment:
A. IV antibiotics
Answer is: A

● infertile woman with bilateral ÿallopian obst what to do:
A. inÿorm wife
Answer is:A

● old woman with bilateral leg heaviness and dragging PE sensation
thick non pitting edema dark skin what’s inv:
A. duplex venous US
Answer is:A

● female whith vaginal discharge green prulent micoscopy shows
flagellate micobe what is Dx:
A. trichomonas vaginalis
Answer is:A

● HIV preganat what to do:
A. delivery with CS to avoid disease transmission
Answer is:A

● vulvar CIS what is treatment:
A. superficial local excision
Answer is:A

● pregnant with breat lump mobile without skin changes waht to do:
A. bilateral breast US
Answer is: A

● pergnant with vaginal bleed didn’t see product of conception on
inspection POC seen at cervix what type of abortion:
A. inevitable.
Answer is:A

● pregant with minimal vaĀinal bleed hx of passaĀe POC on
inspection closed cervical oss what type of abortion:
A. complete ??
Answer is:T

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● in married women when to do cervical screen age:
A. 20-24 yr
B. 25-29 yr
Answer is: A


● child abandoned by mother with ing hernia pediatric surgeon
decided surgery:
A. call hospital ethic committee
Answer is:T

● pregnant with IUFD after delivery mother asked to send child to
NICU what is Dx:
A. denile
Answer is:T

● couple asking about surgery consultant doesn’t know if it legal in
KSA what to do:
A. check another appointment and educate yourself
Answer is: A

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