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Experience of ORE 2017 by Eslam Essam Mansour

Today we will upload Experience of Eslam Essam Mansour who has taken his exam of ORE in August 2017.

Guys,this is my ORE/2017- August feedback, I hope you find it useful.


Basic Sciences:
It needs proper studying.

Oral medicine, General medicine, Physiology, Anatomy, Histology, Pharmacology:
They were mostly “direct” questions but needed In depth study.

Operative Dentistry , Endodontics, Crown, Orthodontics, Prosthesis, BDA sheets, Radiology and Periodontology:
Questions where usually “indirect” questions that require experience and understanding of the whole subjects. not just memorizing some data.

What needs more depth and proper understanding:
• Physiology all, particularly CVS, respiratory, blood …it is not just about remembering some values
• Immunology needs more details while studying. While lots of questions came from hypersensitivity reactions and immunoglobulins, other areas of immunology need good studying as well
• General medicine needs better understanding ,not only the hand signs of some diseases

From 50 to 100 questions came from the past feedback (Dr Davis notes) , either exactly or with some difference, so very important to study his notes and feedback questions, and for the past questions, don’t rely on the answers done by the candidates as they have a lot of mistakes and also many times the questions come twisted, so my advice is try to search for the correct answer of these questions by yourself and try to understand the area that these questions came from and to know the information related to it correctly.

As I remember:About 50 Q from oral medicine and oral pathology divided between paper a&b nearly equally.
Final Advice, Dr Davis course was very beneficial as he highlights the areas and questions that come the most and a gain please study and understand general medicine,physiology and oral medicine and pathology very well as about half of the exam was from these.

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Final Advice,to pass the exam you have to study the notes and the pink book very well ,usually you will not need other sources or textbooks, if you study these properly, also I recommend doing a preparatory or revision course as they tell you what are the important areas, any one of these is enough to pass the exam if you studied well along the course (Dr Davis, Samsonplab, ,Dr. Ibtisam el hamalawy, Dr.Misbah ) the last 3 courses are comprehensive course that nearly cover the whole curriculum and cost about 800 to 1000 pounds while the last one –Dr.Davis is more of a revision course to highlight the most frequently asked areas and costs about 200 , and a gain please study and understand general medicine,physiology and oral medicine and pathology very well as about half of the exam was from these.

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