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NCLEX RN Free Books

20+ Nursing Books for Free! [PDF]

The NCLEX, or National Council Licensure Examination, is a standardized exam that nurses in the United States and Canada must pass to obtain a nursing license. It’s designed to assess the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively practice as an entry-level nurse.


Here are some key details about the NCLEX:

1. Purpose: The NCLEX is administered to ensure that candidates have the minimum competency required to provide safe and effective nursing care to patients.

2. Types of NCLEX: There are two types of NCLEX exams:
– NCLEX-RN: This exam is for candidates seeking to become registered nurses (RNs).
– NCLEX-PN: This exam is for candidates seeking to become licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) in some states.

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3. Content: The NCLEX assesses a wide range of nursing knowledge, including nursing practice, safety, health promotion, psychosocial integrity, physiological integrity, and more.

4. Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT): The NCLEX is administered using a computerized adaptive testing format. This means that the difficulty of the questions adjusts based on the candidate’s performance. The goal is to determine with confidence whether the candidate’s level of knowledge is above or below the passing standard.

5. Registration: To take the NCLEX, candidates must apply for licensure with their state’s nursing regulatory body (usually a state board of nursing). Once approved, candidates can register for the exam through Pearson VUE, the organization that administers the NCLEX.

6. Passing Standard: The passing standard for the NCLEX is determined by the candidate’s ability to answer questions correctly. There is no fixed percentage or number of questions that must be answered correctly. The exam continues until the computer program is 95% confident that the candidate’s ability is either above or below the passing standard.

7. Exam Duration: The NCLEX-RN can have a variable number of questions, with a maximum of 265 questions, while the NCLEX-PN can have up to 205 questions. Candidates have a maximum of six hours to complete the exam.

8. Results: Results are typically available within a few business days after completing the exam. Candidates can check their results through their state’s nursing regulatory body or through Pearson VUE.

9. Retakes: If a candidate doesn’t pass the NCLEX, they can retake it after a waiting period determined by the state regulatory body. The number of allowable retakes and the waiting periods vary by state.

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Please note that the information provided is based on my knowledge as of September 2021. Be sure to check the official website of your state’s nursing regulatory body or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) for the most current and specific information regarding the NCLEX in your jurisdiction.

Here we present our complete selection of Nursing books:

1) Nursing Procedures and Interventions

Daniel Jirkovský, Marie Hlavácová, Hana Nikodemová, Šárka Tomová

2) Nursing: Its Principles and Practice; for hospital and private use

Isabel Hampton Robb

3) Fundamental of Nursing Procedure Manual

JICA. Japan International Cooperation Agency

4) Basic Clinical Nursing Skills

Abraham Alano


5) Textbook of Nursing Procedures

Anna C. Jammé

6) Notes on Nursing. What It Is, and What It Is Not

Florence Nightingale

7) Art of Communication. A Nurses Guide to Implementing Best Practice in Communication


8) Introduction to Gerontological Nursing

T. Malathi


9) Nursing Care of the Surgical Patient

Joe McNaul

10) Transition to General Practice Nursing

Agnes Fanning, Zoe Berry

11) Defining Nursing

Dame June Clark

12) Age-Specific Considerations in Patient Care

RN Continuing Education


13) The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses

International Council of Nurses (ICN)

14) The Palliative Approach to Care and the Role of the Nurse (Article)

CNA – AIIC. Canadian Nurses Association

15) The History of Nursing Research (Article)

Foundations of Nursing Research

17) Textbook of Surgical Nursing

Ralph Colp, Manelva Wylie Keller

18) A Nurse’s Hand-book of Medicine

J. Norman Henry

19) Surgical and Gynaecological Nursing

Edward Mason Parker

20) A Nurse’s Handbook of Obstetrics

Joseph Brown Cooke


21) Public Health Nursing

Mary Sewall Gardner

22) Introduction to The Operating Room

Various authors

Here ends our selection of free Nursing books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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