True Recall Questions of NBDE Part 1, 2017 (Download Pdf)

Past Papers are essential Part of Exam Preparation, as it gives you idea about type of questions, important topics, important Books, how to solve those questions, in short it can give you the key for your preparation of exams.

First we will share few questions here then we will share the link where you can read and download file in Pdf Format.

01: Prognostic sign of breast cancer marker?
A) Presence of dystrophic calcification
B) presence of estrogen receptor
C) Histologic type of tumor
D) degree of angiogenesis in tumor
E) Ploid something by calorimeter
Specially crammed the options for this question. Still missed one word

02: Typhus Fever is caused by?
Salmonella Typhi
Salmonella paratyphi
Ricketssia Typhi

03: Spinal Tap?
–L3 L4

04: Longest cusp of Mand 2 nd pm

05: Biggest Paranasal Sinus
–  Maxillary Sinus

06: What nerve brings parasympathetic fibers to the parotid?
Lesser Petrosal?

07: Anterior Cerebral artery supplies?
Frontal and Parietal.

08: Got a question on Graves’ disease?
– All 3 option had tsh dec and t3 t4 inc but with tsh and t3 t4
they wrote some weird cells associated. I chose parenchymal tsh dec. Sounded Fancy

So these were few questions from past papers. We will share the link to download complete papers. But before sharing that link you may like to Read.

True Recall Questions of NBDE Part 1, 2017 (Download Pdf):

We have uploaded this file in Google Drive where you can read and download.

Download File


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