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Recall Questions of NBDE Part 2 (Download PDF)

Past Papers are essential Part of Exam Preparation, as it gives you idea about type of questions, important topics, important Books, how to solve those questions, in short it can give you the key for your preparation of exams.

First we will share few questions here then we will share the link where you can read and download file in Pdf Format.

  • Epithelium comes –> from the donor site.
  • Dexterity- Something to do with flossing –> 5brush and 8floss.if lack of dexterity can’t do interproximal floss
  • Perio v/s endo abscess- pulp testing,lat percussion
  • Opaque porcelain function mask dark oxidized color
  • Methotrexate- anti cancer drug folic acid inhibitor
  • What is battery? Treatment without informed consent is battery
  • Autonomy
  • Ectodermal dysplasia oligodontia spairse hair
  • Diabetes commonly found in which ethnicity?black males
  • What causes cervical discoloration of PFM copper,ag.plaque
  • Flame shaped radiolucency above an unerupted third molar –pericoronaritis
  • Safe drug in pregnancy acetaminophen
  • Safe drug in breastfeeding acetaminophen
  • Prolong use of Aspirin can cause –> acidosis
  • Fusion,Gemination
  • Pathology –> leuckemia,compound odontoma,leucoplakia,
  • Failure of which stage of tooth development affect Number of teeth –> initiation
     –> size –> morphodif-on
    which disease lead to MI –> trombosis(I pick atherosclerosis,but I think it is thrombosis,other two wasn’t related)
  • Acute adrenal insufficiency –> hypotention
  • Low contrast- kvp
  • Which doesn’t recur- AOT
  • Antibiotic treatment- LAP
  • Seizures grand mal phenytoin/petit mal enthosuximide
  • Overdose cocaine –> mydriasis
  • Overdose opioids –> miosis

So these were few questions from past papers. We will share the link to download complete papers. But before sharing that link you may like to Read.

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True Recall Questions of NBDE Part 2, November 2017 (Download Pdf):

We have uploaded this file in Google Drive where you can read and download.

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