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How to Clear MRCP Part 1? (4 Months Study Plan)

Today in this article we will share stuff related to MRCP. We will share here the Experience of  Dr. Fanniyah Balweel who cleared her exam and shared her experience.  

I have 4 months of study but i gotta admit that it was only abt 2,5-3months effectively i studied. the first month was jus about collecting the materials and randomly answered questions in groups.

I have marvelous group of study that ive found in whats app. Which is Helping me ALOT in terms if consistency and self evaluation of study. These are people that push me do more and always be there to clear out any difficult concepts during my study. That is the most important role of having group of study. Especially when u want to evaluate ur self and find out wether you are prepared in the end of the day.

I didnt do much reading for the exam. However i didnt start learning from zero. I flipped around karla and kumar before deciding to appear for the exam. If you have no basic knowledge i recommend to at least extra 2 months bfor following my path. Getting to know more about mrcp materials and their focus of study. The book of choice is philip karla. I know the are many files available for off line questions banks. Well, i subscribed pastest anyway. I need the easy access cos i studied from my mobile phone most of the time. It simply more practical in my situation.

4 Months of Study in Details: 

First step :
Subscribe one of the question banks available. I subscribed pastest. I went thru all their videos lecture. All of them. Also their “ask the experts” section. I paid attention for every detail. Videos are my method of choices in studying compared to books.

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Second step:
Choose a note to revise. Here i chose sudan notes (the only notes for mrcp). However many people prefer khaleed notes. More specifics and contains more detail. I simply chose sudan notes cos its lighter and has less pages to read. Once again, i dont have much time for reading.

Third step:
Practice ur knowledge with questions ate the every end of ur chapter. Everytime i completed a chapter from the notes it always followed by all questions from the question banks. In pastest the quesition can be accessed and filtered based on their subjects only. Example, after reading cardio i will make sure i complete whole cardio questions in pastest. U can do it together with ur friends if u have study group in whats app! Its more fun! Will make u stay awake and the beauty of doing it together is u’ll have lots of discussions which is very important to understand the basic concepts of each problems. There are some fun mnemonic ur friends will make also !! 


4th step:
Doing mock at every end of each chapter.
Theres fiture in pastest that can filter questions for mock according ur chapter selection. U can do it with ur friends also. Hence u can compare ur knowledge with ur friends, its good for self evaluation

5th step:
Repeat the whole circle. This time the time frame is shorter. I spent the first circle like 2months. And 2nd one i spent like 3 weeks. The schedule was made by friends of mine. Dr bilal and dr jannat. All credits go to them.

6th step:
Passpapers (in pastest).
I did lots of it. By this point u will get estimated score u will be getting. The more u practice the better. All questions in pastest banks are different from those questions in passpapers. So its good. No repeating Q and it really test how ready u are.
I found out my true weakness from this. Made me put more attention into it.

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7th step:
Passmedicine revision. I have eaten and digested pastest. getting bored to be honest. I exchanged my pastest subscription with one of my friend that has passmed. So i did passmed. Its easier doing passmed after so much discussion and questions.
However its important.
Passmed questions lead us to basic concepts that u must know. All Q in pastest somtimes are too complicated and confusing. Drag us far away to the basic needed with too much unnecessary details.
Alhmdllh i did a right thing. January exam had lots of passmed Q. I wuld have regreted if i hadnt done passmed.

8th step:
Exam day.
TawakalAllahlah. Pray alot.

I did it. I got score 629. I did some silly mistakes during exam which i shuldnt have done it. Knowing the right answer but changed it anyway. Well that happens sometimes if u are overthinking.

I hope this can help you to go thru mrcp.
All i can say, mrcp is not easy but its doable.
Put your mind into it and be consistent. Stop procrastinating and just do it.

Wish u the best of luck
Pray for me fo further steps in mrcp.

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