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AMC Guidelines

How to Clear Australian Medical Council Exam Part 1 with in First attempt (Experienced Based Guidelines)

These guidelines are provided by Uvini Sonnadara who has cleared AMC Part 1 Exam. These guidelines can make your preparation more easy. 

Tips to Succeed MCQ Exam

  1. Do not rely on recalls, some of the answers on the papers are wrong. Therefore, do your research. But do the recalls on your own and you could expect at least 20 questions exactly that or similar to that scenario.
  2. There are compulsory set of questions you get asked & be familiar with every alternative format to answer.

Let me list down a set of questions I noticed being repetitive,

  • OCP prescription under different scenarios,

OCP for female groups with dvt risk

OCP for a smoker

OCP for acute dvt

OCP for post-partum

  • HRT

HRT for post hysterectomy

HRT for DVT diagnosed

  • Osteoporosis

1st line agent- Osteoporsis for a patient with Vitamin D deficient

Osteoporosis with different T scores

Osteoporosis tx for patients with GI disturbances

  • Tetanus Prophylaxis
  • Time out for kids with different childhood infections
  • Nerve palsies L5,L4,S1,CPN,Anterior tibial…etc
  1. Get a book to make lists,

Get a notebook and divide sections for Important Screening Images, Important ECGs,

Important Derm Images, Important CTG. Whenever I study if I find a new condition I mark the page and write the condition, Name of the book page number or simply just to google. And daily I tried my best to look at ECGs, CTGs, Imagings and Derm images, I think very tricky for me. It makes you not to miss important conditions.

  1. Go through sites below when you are in doubt with any screening programmes.






For gyn and obs there are other guidelines:



For Imaging pathways the best is


You could have a basic idea of what investigations they prioritize, pros & cons in each.

  1. I only read murtagh for important diseases such as Asthma, Childhood infections…etc. AMC exam cannot be done by studying murtagh. It is an aid for preparation.
  2. I did both AMCQbank and A-medex. Out of those two I think A-medex is the best one with better explanations. It is very pricey but for me it worth all that money I spent. Canadaqbank is good for ethic questions. But in order for you to ace biostatistics questions with a short time listen to this video.


  1. For CTG understanding listen to this video


  1. Kaplan notes are good to have a basic idea but it is not designed to answer AMC examination. So read racgp guidelines and treatment of choices.
  2. I’ve attached below two tables of recommended time out for kids with certain infectious diseases.

Good Luck!!!


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