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Exam Schedule for FCPS Part 1, FCPS Part II, IMM and MCPS for Calendar Year 2018

About CPSP

The College

The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan was established in mid-1962 with the objectives of maintaining high principles of medical profession, promotion of specialists’ medical practice and arrangement of postgraduate medical training in hospitals. It is the only postgraduate medical institution in the country that has established a system of effective and consistent up-gradation of medical education and training.

The main functions of the College are:

The promotion of the practice of general medicine, surgery and other specialties, and conduct examinations for the award of postgraduate Fellowship / Diploma of FCPS and MCPS.

The College offers admission to the Fellowship of the College in 73 specialties / sub-specialties and MCPS in 22 specialties. The College has now discontinued its Membership diploma program and replaced it with the Diploma of the College, DCPS, offering it in 0 specialties. The first examination of DCPS is scheduled on 2 March 2006. The College organizes postgraduate training of the candidates in accredited/recognized hospitals throughout the country and conducts subsequent examinations. To achieve its objectives, the Council of the College has constituted four Committees to work for continued expansion and progress of this College. The College not only encourages qualitative expansion of the curriculum but also of education, associated teachers, supervisors, advisory services, monitoring and evaluation of training, teaching methodologies and examination system. Upto October 2016 8520 MCPS and 18323 FCPS have graduated from this College. In order to improve the overall educational and research methodology, the College regularly holds a variety of workshops and courses. Upto March 2017 the College has held 2638 programs which benefited about 65,600 senior medical professionals and allied healthcare personnel. The CPSP provides learning facilities to other medical institutions as well. As part of these activities and to determine the needs and bases for continuing medical education program, the CPSP also holds national and international conferences and joint meetings with sister institutions. These scientific discussions help in bringing the fellows, academicians and medical experts at a joint forum to exchange experience in different fields of medical science. On March 7, 2004, the College held a joint meeting with Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons at Karachi in which over 300 delegates from Bangladesh and 1000 from Pakistan participated. This event contributed a great deal in the advancement of medical science in both the countries.

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