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ASDA Test Papers and Packets/Reprints for NBDE Part 1

First we will share few Questions from these Reprints and then the link where you will be able to download it.
Bellow are few questions.

1: Which of the following papillae of the tongue are the largest, are the least numerous, have many taste buds, and are associated with the ducts of von Ebner's glands?
A) Foliate
B) FiIiform
C) Fungiform
D) Circumvallate

2: Uniform growth in the infolding portion of an epithelial root sheath (Hertwig) results in
formation of a?
A) single-rooted tooth.
B) double-rooted tooth.
C) three-rooted tooth.
D) tooth without a root.

3: Which of the following nerves innervates the capsule of the temporomandibular joint?
A) Facial
B) Buccal
C) Maxillary
D) Mylohyoid
E) Auriculotemporal

4: The foramen ovale is located in the?
A) interatrial septum of the adult.
B) interatrial septum of embryo and fetus.
C) interventricular septum of the adult.
D) interventricular septum of embryo and fetus.

ASDA Packet I-I (part 1).pdf

ASDA Packet I-K (part 1).pdf

Asda Test Packet I-M (1).pdf


Exams Test Packet IA to IM (1977-2005) with explanations.pdf

Password is: dentalab


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